Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mother Language Day

 Day 19: Languages of the world
This event (Mother Language Day) was at the sixth and I synagogue.  I’ve been there once before and that experience was a weird one in itself. You can read that post here.  

But this experience was completely different and I actually left the event with this great desire to learn a foreign language.  But not any language a language that was becoming a dead language.

There were musicians and dancers from Bangladesh, Palestine, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Japan, US (Native American), Peru, etc.

It was amazing to see all of these different people and cultures in one place.

I took some amateur 30 sec video clips of some of the performers, but in typical fashion my internet will not let me load them.  
... instead here are some youtube clip.  
of course this youtube clip is only advertising the event.
but still this advertisement is 10x better than the clips I tapped. 
youtube clips that are 10x better then the clips I tapped with my digital camera. 

and to make up for my lack of video evidence... here is some flickr photographs that -of course- someone else posted. 

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