Saturday, March 19, 2011

final 5 days!

Day 24: Vice President Biden at the Holocaust Museum

RSVP required and an awesome twitpic
My view
I slight preview of his speech

Alison’s Birthday Diner
HuHot style with free awesome dessert

Day 25: National Archives Free Oscar Film Preview

Day 26: Allison’s Birthday Party
Natural disaster themed
Themed snacks and dress up… always a good time

DC famous… but beyond that no one has ever heard of it.
But the Obama family and Bill Cosby get to eat their for Free.

Day 28: Lincoln Memorial at night

Yippy, I'm done!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

US Capitol

Day 23: Tour of the Capitol
The only real perk to being an intern is that we occasionally get to go on awesome fieldtrips.  This particularly day we went to the US Capitol.  And sure anyone can do this, but we get a tour from someone who gives us a little insight on what it is actually like to do their particular job. (in this case; what it is like to give tours and what it is like to be a museum curator in a place like the capitol)
… of course we didn’t get a tour inside the congressional chambers, but I can see that on CSPAN and it doesn’t look all the impressive.
I did of course take a million pictures of pointless statues and random other artifacts that mean nothing to me. 

Touring the Capitol is one of those things I’ve wanted to do since I’ve moved to DC… but unfortunately it is also one of those things you can’t do by yourself. 
Needless to say I was very happy to go with a group of museum interns.

Photos:  enjoy my random descriptions that will probably only be half right!
Fun Fact: This clock was set 5 -or 10 mins I can't remember now- fast to make sure everyone would be on time
The closest I got to anything "important" this is either the entrance to the House of the Senate.
Fun thought: I like to think the guard is reading an important document!
fun fact: this is the same width as the floor we were standing on.  (of course that means nothing to you, but if you ever go you will now have this little bit of knowledge)
they had this image going around the above image.  it showed America's history through Christoper Columbus to the Wright Brothers. 
fun fact: the face of this baby is really a face of one of the painters who put together this image.  
Fun Fact: John Quincy Adams desk was here and he would occasionally pretend to be asleep and from this location you can here perfectly what an individual across the room was saying (even in a whisper). the individual desk who was across the room was -of course- an opposing party member. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Presidential Stuff

Day 21: President’s Day Events and Bookstores
On my intern work cultural calendar it stated that the White House Visitor Center was going to have free arts and crafts, music, and activities all day.
I went and they had no such thing.
Well, they had a table set up with coloring books and a puzzle.  that was it.
But I did watch the informative video about the White House and look at the small displays they had up.
Later that day –b/c I felt like I needed to do something else- I checked out a few book store in Dupont Circle. 
The most noteworthy was “Kramers Bookstore” I’ve heard people talk about this one before –Kaci actually sent me a text telling me to go there- and I’ve been meaning to check it out.  This particular day they were closing earlier for maintenance   and there was not any free music or event going on.  But I did browse the bookstore for a good hour, I didn’t buy anything b/c I really need to love a book before I buy it, but it was still fun.

Day 22: Kennedy Center Millennium Stage
The Kennedy Center has free shows 365 days a year ever night at 6:00pm.  It is one of those things that you can always do so you never actually go to. 
This particular day they had the “New England Conservatory of Music” Performing.
I’m not completely sure if I’ve actually watched anyone play the piano solo before, but it was definitely interesting.  I mean I’m not completely sure if I could have sat through 2 hours of this, but for 60 mins it was interesting. 
They also had a trio-group perform and a singer accompanied by the piano.
All of which made me want to make my future child practice the piano for 3 hours a day.

you can watch the performance I saw HERE!

Conclusion:  if you are in DC and want to feel cultured you should check out the free Kennedy Center shows. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trivia Night:1 Kelsey:0

Day 20: Trivia Night
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to participate is some sort of Bar Trivia Night.  They had it when I was in college at Deadwood, and if you know anything about my friends you know that they are not the type of people who would want to go to Deadwood on a Tuesday.  (on a Saturday at around 1am I can convince them that a photobooth photo at Deadwood is a must)

But here in DC they have an array of bars that have trivia nights, trivia nights on any night of the week.
I convinced Allison to go with me to Bedrock Billiards on the Sunday before President’s Day to try out their weekly trivia.  (I knew she would have no excuse not to go, since that Monday was a Federal Holiday and I knew she wouldn’t have to work)
They were surprisingly busy (which probably relates to the whole Monday Holiday thing) and we found an awkward corner at the edge of the bar to stand at –right next to a drunken sweaty old man- and was already to start.
We were a group of 2 and the max was a group of 5 –the group next to us had 6, they cheated- and we were all ready to kick some trivia A**

Round one: Presidents
In Elementary school our school focused more on learning the state and capitals and spending a year on Iowa history.  Learning the order of the Presidents was never a priority.
And sure I have a degree in Political Science, but that was about as useful in trivia as it is in getting me a real job.
The only question we got right was who the first president to have a beard was.
Thanks Ab Lincoln!

 Round 2: Egypt
Have I mentioned my public school education already?  In HS taking world geography was a class, but I thought taking World and American History was more important… boy was I wrong.
And Moses was not an answer to any of the questions.
But thankfully Allison has been following the whole Egypt thing and she was able to come up with a handful of correct questions.
And the drunken sweaty old guy next to us rambled off a couple of answers for us. 

Round 3: Picture Clues
This round we were giving a sheet of paper that had picture clues and you had to come up with the national capital and the country.  Something along the lines of this image + p – another picture = this. (I tried to Google and image but was not completely sure how to word this kind of trivia)
-At this point we realized that we were not going to be anywhere close to winning this thing-

Round 4: Name that song
Here they slowed down a random song by 50% and we had to name the title and the band.
And this was harder than you would think.  (and bsb was not the correct answer to anything)

Round 5: actors turned singers
I was all prepared for this round to have answers such as; Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpsons, Miley Cryus… you know famous pop singers.
But it was questions like “this famous actor was in a High School band in the 80’s what was the band called?”
Hmmm, IDK.
Here was just started putting down “J.Bieber” each time we didn’t know.

Trivia ended and we stayed to hear the scores.
And to put this in perspective the winning team scored 70 points.  (They were the team right next to us, who had the 6 members.)
And we came in with 23 Points.  
We got last place.
No joke! 
Last place, out of about 25 teams. 
Yep, we rock!

This is not the team that won the night we were there.  But this is the image I got when I googled “Bedrock Billiards Trivia Night
They look all smug like "hey we just won $50 dollars" ($50 that can probably only be used on your bar tab, which will only pay for about 3 drinks here in DC)
But hey… maybe you should use that to pay for the interest on your Ivy League education. 
I’m sorry… I’m just bitter. I'm sure they are really nice people.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mother Language Day

 Day 19: Languages of the world
This event (Mother Language Day) was at the sixth and I synagogue.  I’ve been there once before and that experience was a weird one in itself. You can read that post here.  

But this experience was completely different and I actually left the event with this great desire to learn a foreign language.  But not any language a language that was becoming a dead language.

There were musicians and dancers from Bangladesh, Palestine, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Japan, US (Native American), Peru, etc.

It was amazing to see all of these different people and cultures in one place.

I took some amateur 30 sec video clips of some of the performers, but in typical fashion my internet will not let me load them.  
... instead here are some youtube clip.  
of course this youtube clip is only advertising the event.
but still this advertisement is 10x better than the clips I tapped. 
youtube clips that are 10x better then the clips I tapped with my digital camera. 

and to make up for my lack of video evidence... here is some flickr photographs that -of course- someone else posted. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Foreign dry humor... no thank you.

Day 18: Frontier Blues
I went to this on a Friday after work.  I really wished I would have gone with my second option I had written down, but I was tired and this event seemed easy.

Easy b/c it was a movie at the Freer-Sackler Theatre which is on the National Mall right by where I work. 
The movie was describe as...
A chicken-farm worker whose best friend is a donkey, a clothing store owner whose wares never fit anyone, a man learning English so he can marry a woman he's never even talked to, and a traditional musician who's not quite traditional enough for the photographer doing a project on him: These are just a few of the oddballs populating Babak Jalali's dry, absurdist comedy. "
it had all the potential to be a great movie...

They also added “dry humor” when they introduced it.
I thought I liked “dry humor”….. but, ohhhh was I wrong.

Apparently dry humor is not entertaining when you don’t get the culture references and you have to read subtitles. 

10 minutes into the movie I wanted to fall asleep. 

... this is definitely the worst thing I've done this month.