Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Solo film screening

Day 15: Bloombars film screening.
FreeinDC references this organization at least once a week –if not more- and I decided since there was nothing else going on Tuesday that I would head to their “donation based” movie event.  I did my typical walk by first and checked out the place.  It was a small location and a place I’ve walked by lots before. (Sometimes in the fall they would open their doors and have dance/yoga stuff going on.)

I walked in up to the door right before 7:30 and the door was locked and as quickly as I was going to turn away I noticed that someone came up to unlock the door. 
I walk in and I saw a bunch of empty chairs.
I was literally the only person in the room besides the two volunteers putting on this event.
To make this clear: I was the only person there that wasn’t associated with the organization. 

They restarted the movie for me, gave me some popcorn, orange juice, flyers, and I felt obligated to leave a 4 dollar donation (even though it stated that 8-10 was the average donation, I thought that was a little much.
About 15 mins into the film another individual shows up and I was no longer alone.  Yippy!
The film was interesting and whatnot… I’m  not sure if it was worth my 4 dollars, but I’m still glad I can say I’ve gone to a film screening where I was one of the only people there. 

Afterwards they decided it was completely necessary to discuss the film as a group. 
And to restate for those you aren’t following along.  It was me, the two volunteers, and the guy who showed up late… 4 people.
We discussed the film.  Lots of “what’s your opinion?” “can you relate to the film? "whats your feelings on brands like forever 21?" “invite your friends next time!

A clip of the film: Made In LA

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