Monday, February 28, 2011

podcast... I mean just a normal bar experience

Day 17: YouMeThemEveryone Podcast

The original event I had planned for this Thursday no longer existed when I re-looked it up to make sure I had all my info correct.  So on this Thursday I was in a slight predicament about what to do.  Do I just do nothing this day and double up on another day or frantically search the internet for something to do?
I went with the second option.  
And at the last minute –right around 7:45- I found an event that started at 8:30 in an area of town I’ve never been in, for a live taping of a podcast.  (technically this could be 3 new things; new bar, location, and  podcast)

When I arrived I got a great spot at the bar.  Great not b/c it was close to the stage, but great b/c it was at the bar.  And for those of you who don’t know sitting at the bar is really the only option when you go out by yourself.
I made a temporary friends with the girl sitting next to me.  She was waiting for two of her friends to show up and we were both in the awkward… hmmm, what to do now stage?  We talked about my 28 things in 28 days and she told me about the time she devoted a whole year to saying “Yes” more.  It was a great time.  
A great time until her friends showed up and she decided to talk to them instead of me.

But I was soon “saved” by an old guy sitting next to me; an old guy who was probably only in his late 30’s or early 40’s, worked in the real estate business, and was unmarried.  All of which are factors that immediately freak me out.  We talked for a good 10 minutes about DC, Iowa, random authors, flag footballs, the best DC areas to live in (which is not the area in which I currently live), meeting new people, etc. 
When he left I was both happy and sad.  Happy b/c I didn’t have to talk to him anymore and sad b/c now I had no one to talk to.

Anyway:  back to the podcast.
Let’s see they had a host who would occasionally say something profound, a comedian who was 18 or 19 who made lots of jokes about sex and drinking –a college house party would have really loved him- he was mediocre, and a band that was surprisingly good.
And that was basically it.  I couldn’t really hear the main part of the podcast, but I’m not really stressing over it and don’t really care.

My temporary friend I made at the beginning of the night introduced me to her friends and they tried to give me suggestions for me 28 things.
Which included; going to the top of the Washington monument (already did), Sunday brunch (which I guess is a big deal here in DC, but I work weekends), go on a happy hour bar crawl (once again I work weekends), and go to a make your own beer place (hmm, I live on a budget).

Conclusion:  I really liked the bar (the looking glass lounge) and if I lived closer to the area I would go there more often.  I could have cared less about the podcast. 

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