Friday, February 4, 2011

Literati Gong Show

Day 3: Literati Gong Show
7 authors who have 3 minutes to entertain the judges and the judges at any time can gong them if they get bored.   This event is one that I was excited about as soon as I found out about it.  It had all the makings to be a great event and it was held at a bar that I’ve wanted to go to for a while now. 

I had a prime spot at the bar and was all about being social and making new friends.  But the event quickly took a turn for the worse, when I realized the majority of the people in this room were here for some AWP conference.  I felt like I was surrounded by sophisticated people wearing dark-rimmed glasses, old guys wearing “old man” hats, and young people who seemed to already know each other.  I felt like a stranger who just crashed someone’s wedding.
Not that having dark rimmed glasses, wearing old man hats, or having friends is a bad thing…. But it was too much for me to handle all at once, and especially in one room.

Anyway: the event itself was interesting and things like this is only awkward before the event actually starts.  Plus, the majority of the authors had great short stories that were able to keep me entertained for about 35 mins. 
And afterwards the bar had karaoke, which is always fun.  And I got a jumbo pizza slice on my walk home. 
So all in all, it was better than just staying at home and doing nothing.


  1. you have to be brave when you live in a new city and you don't know anyone.