Friday, February 11, 2011

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

Day 5 and 6: Jazz
In typical Kelsey job selections I have a DC job where I only get one weekend off a month and this past weekend was not that weekend.  If it was I would have ventured over to Chinatown and enjoyed the New Years events or perhaps participated in a Super Bowl activity (or maybe a non-super bowl activity).  Instead I worked until 6 ever night and after the hour it would take me to get anywhere –thanks DC public transportation for only running every 30 mins on the weekend- I would need an event after 7.  That was nearly impossible.

SO I guess you could say I took the easy way out and instead of looking intensely on every online DC event page, I just decided to see some live jazz two nights in a row.
The first night I ventured over to the zoo barwhich is ironically right across from the zoo- and in Adam Morgan/Woodley park fashion it was what people would consider a “dive” bar.  But I like "dive" bars so I had no problem with that. 
I decided to go after “free in DC” told me that “big boy little band performs at Zoo Bar every first SAT of the month at 10:00pm, Free.”  And really it was the free part that convinced me.  and plus I liked the name of the bar.  
It took me about a 20 min walk to get there and I probably only stayed for 30-40 mins.  The crowd was better than some of the other jazz venues I’ve been to and the band was pretty good.  Nothing insanely special or over the top, but just good.

Oh, I also went to Five guys on Saturday.  Which is the first time I’ve been to one in DC (I believe I went once with Kassie in FL.)  I got a small cheeseburger and regular fries… I loved that I had left over peanuts and fries the next day!

On Sunday.
I had a debate all day if I should just go to a bar and watch the Super Bowl.  But decided against that once I realized that I didn’t care about who was playing and can’t remember the last time I actually watched the game (or any professional football game for that matter.
After work I went to the gym with Ruth.  Which was great on its own b/c no one was there.
After our workout we decided that eating greasy food would be a good idea and we we decided to head over to Columbia Station to enjoy their nightly jazz they have.  (I’ve been their multiple times, but considering the first place we wanted to go wasn’t playing jazz on Sunday bc of the football game… I decided to count this as a thing.)
When we walked in there were more member of the band then people watching them.  To be exact there was 2 people in the audience. 
We sat down got some food and enjoyed a couple of jazz songs.  
This bar had exactly 0 TVs and one serverIt was great!  And when I’ve been there in the past we generally have a girl server who looks likes she could have been in an episode of the Bachelor.  This time there was this –who I would consider- clever.witty.guy who wore flannel and had a beard.sever.guy.  

Needless to say I enjoyed the Columbia Station atmosphere on Super Bowl Sunday.

We left shortly after an old guy at the bar who was drinking red wine and mix drinks –at the same time- asked us to dance.  Umm, no.
The guy sitting at the Bar was the one who asked us to dance with him...

Conclusion: I’m a big fan of jazz.  And I promise that the rest of my activities this week were more legitimate. 

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