Monday, February 28, 2011

If I had a Trillion Dollars I'd be Rich

Day 16: Trillion Dollar Question
The one word I would use to describe this event is awkward.
The first 5 minutes were okay… we walked in.  it was FREE.  And we got FREE food. 
I mean what could be better?

The only thing I remembered from the description to this event was “high school students who made 3 minute videos about what they would do with a trillion dollars.” I was oblivious before this event started about the hiding meaning of this event.  Even though I should have connected the trillion dollar question in my head… I didn’t.

As soon as I walked in I figured it out, they had FREE stuff all over the room with this image on it.---> 
And I am all too familiar with this image from the days I actually went to political events in Iowa. 

The event started after a brief unorganized introduction. And they did show a 3 min video.  But it was only one videonot numerous like I thought- and it was a video that won some national award.**

I didn't feel like looking through all the videos but here is the youtube link. 

The video itself was average at best.  But I can overlook that since the kids are in High School and probably don’t have access to fancy mancy video equipment.

And their whole video/presentation mostly consisted on using the trillion dollars to re-do the education system.  (They were from Baltimore and the education system there is in some desperate need of some repair)

After the video there was a Q and A session with the kids.
And this is when it got awkward.

The room was filled with middle class white individuals who were there with their own political agenda.
They didn’t ask questions. They gave 5 minute long speeches that had a closed ended question at the end.

These “adults” wanted to know what these kids were going to do about; issues in Africa, preventing future wars, and one person even asked if they were going to try to get DC a representative in congress…. Seriously? 
These kids don’t even live in dc and are not old enough to vore.

It was just an awkward situation to witness. 

And I'm these HS students had an amazing day.  They won an awards, got to go to John Kerry’s office, were offered internships after they graduated, and got to travel all around dc.  and these “adults” only cared about their own agenda.

Conclusion: next time I’m going to avoid these type of events.

Also,  this was at Bus Boys and Poets which is an amazing place within itself.... they have all sorts of events like; weekly poetry slams, documentary screenings, book signings, etc …. I will not hold this event against a Bus Boy and Poets normal sponsored event.

** the contest also looked like it had a lot of perks and looks really exciting. (You can see the link here) and I’m sure the contest itself is great.  I just feel bad for this one aspect of the contest.  

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