Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holocaust Museum Lecture

Day 9: Holocaust Museum
Wednesday was the annual J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Annual Lecture at the USHMM.  These are generally events I love to attend.  Mostly b/c it is a topic that I’m actually interested in and I have some previous knowledge about what they are talking about to know what is important to take from the lecture.
And I’m always impressed by whoever the museum gets to talk at these lectures.  This specific event was about Babi Yar: Site of Mass Murder, with presenter Dr. Karel C. Berkhoff.  His background is just intense – you can read his bio here- I'm always amazed by people who have a vast knowledge about one topic… especially a topic that is a forgotten part of holocaust history.

The lecture itself was depressing, but in an uplifting informative type of way.  if that makes any sense- it definitely left me with a type of feeling of being glad that I now know more about this topic. 

And unlike the other events I've attended there weren’t any annoying individuals on their cell phones.  (Or perhaps I wasn’t paying attention to other people)

And..... there was a reception afterwards!  This meant free wine and desserts. –which is weird itself considering that topic matter and the fact that we were at the holocaust museum-  but as a individual living on a budget I had no problem having a free glass of wine and a couple of bit sized brownies. 

I was also very impressed with the good mix of old and young people who showed up.  Sure I recognized a good handful of them who actually work/intern/volunteer at the museum but there were young people who I didn’t recognize.  So way to go young DC folks for attending a depressing event. 

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