Saturday, February 5, 2011

Haircut and LoveCafe

Day 4: Haircut and LoveCafé.
I know I know I had the day off and all I did was get my haircut and go to a new coffee place.  But let  me tell you it took a lot of guts
Literally the last time I got my haircut was almost a year ago – back then I decided I should get bangs, it was a bad decision that I had to live with for a month- and after talking about getting a haircut for the past month I decided that today was a good day to get one. 

And I don’t think you understand how stressful this is.  1) I have this wazy/curly/fizzy hair situation going on.  2) I use cheap hair products 3) I live in a new city which means a new haircut place.

And I hate having to make small talk with the hair stylist person.  And I hate that I have glasses and I constantly have to take them on/off when she ask me what I think about a certain length.  And I hate when they tell me I should use better shampoo or hair styling cream.  I hate being tricked into buying $30 product –I didn’t this time, but I hate having to say “I’ll get it later”-  

But the one thing I absolutely hate is when they don’t blow dry my hair completely.  I understand that it is better for my hair to naturally dry half way b/c it will make it less frizzy.  But it is winter (sure it is “nice” winter today, but still cold) and I hate being told that the curls aren’t as curly b/c you have been playing with my hair… yeah, I know I’ve been told this before time. 
The next time I’m just going to tell them to straighten my hair, bc when I get my haircut I want to feel like they are doing something special to my hair.

But whatev.  I got my hair cut and I’m still alive to tell about it.

I went to a place called Bang on U st.  And the lady was actually nice, and the place was great, and I did like the atmosphere.  I just hate the haircut process.

Also:  I’m at a place called LoveCafe right now.  It is associated with CakeLove.  I didn’t get any cake or bake goods.  But I’m just proud that I ventured out of my normal coffee place. (but they are playing some chessy music right now... so I don't know if this will be a regular place I go to)

And I suppose what I really should count as my 28 thing today was going to an author reading at Books-A-Million while I was waiting for Allison. But really this event confirmed that I do not like people reading to me.  (and plus I can't remember the book title or the author, so obviously it had no real effect on me)
Side note: but I still want to go to a Politics and Prose author event mostly b/c I think that would be more interesting and I feel like it is something you have to do while living in DC.

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