Friday, February 11, 2011

GWU: Live From the White House

Day 7: White House Press Security Panel

This may be classified as my first real “legitimate” DC event I’ve been to.  I came across this one this past weekend and by that time the online reservation was already closed.  But I decided I would take the chance and stand out in the cold in the stand by line. 

But this story starts way before the 7 o’clock event.
To begin with the GWU campus and I have a love/hate relationship.  And when I say that I mean GWU campus hates me and I still decided to continually go back to it. (example, I got lost around it my first weekend in dc)

This time I took the metro from work.  I got off and automatically turned left thinking that was the right way.  I walk two blocks and realize I’m walking the wrong way and turn back.  I walk 4 more blocks and realize that I wrote down the metro address as the address of the venue instead of the correct address.  Then I walk back the opposite way another block to where I last saw a map.  And I stand in a dirt pile to read the map (why? Why? Are these maps always in the middle of grassy areas?  They should just be on the sidewalk.)  and I realize that I’m about 4 blocks away from the venue.  I start walking and I walk a block and a half out of my way again.

…. By this point you should get the point that it literally took me almost 30 mins to find this place that was 4 mins from the metro. 
The only good part to walking out of my way was that I only had to stand outside for about 10 minutes before they let the stand-by-line inside.

The event itself was entitled “Live from the White House: Making and Shaping the News” and was a panel of 4 individuals who were former Press Securities.  Two individuals who served under Clinton; Dee Dee Myers and Mike McCurry  and two under W. Bush; Dana Perino and Ari Fleischer.  
-you can watch the event here

I would say the event main purpose was to show how much their job as changed over the past 20 years, thanks to the new role of 24 hours news media.  I only sensed a small percent of bitterness among the panel when discussing the downfall of newspapers. 
They also tried to show how journalists frame what issues are talked about. (But in reality this is a topic that anyone who as ever taken an introduction class in any journalist/media/politics/etc class would know.)
I have major issues with some aspects of journalism classes.  Especially ones that I took at Iowa and ones where my professors spent the whole semester talking down blogs.  Seriously? Stop being bitter, you can’t change the way media is changing…. But that is an issue that I’ll vent about later

I would say I enjoyed the event -even though I didn’t really learn anything new- but I enjoyed their personal stories and clever jokes.

Conclusion: 4 things that annoyed me.
1)  Dana Perino sexy dress/boot combo.  It is cold outside; I don’t want to see your bare legs in February.  But then again she probably can afford a driver or taxi… so I guess she isn’t walking anywhere

2) the guy who introduced everyone read his script off of an iPad.  Yuck

3) The individuals around me who spent their whole time on their smart phones instead of paying attention.  This drives me insane.  Don’t they understand that they go to this great school that has these great conversation series and all they want to do is check their email?  It is distracting and annoying.  I mean I went to a public school in Iowa and the most exciting university sponsored lecture I went to was in a small lecture hall that could fill max about 200 people.  And I definitely didn’t have any professors who also work at CNN or any major news organization.  If anything this made me even more annoyed with these DC students who have no idea how lucky they are.

4) The fake laughing people do when they know something is suppose to be funny, but haven’t completely figured out why it should be funny.  

** from what I saw from the tweeter world. people really loved this event.  Maybe  I was indifferent about it because I'm no-longer a student and a bitter "adult." (or, perhaps b/c I have these major problems with Journalism classes) 

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