Saturday, February 12, 2011


Day 8: Espionage in the Civil War.
This was a National Archives sponsored event that took place at the Spy Museum.
I arrived about fifteen minutes before it started and it was already pretty packed. There were two empty spots in the back row.  I asked this girl with perfectly curling ironed curled hair, makeup, high heels, pencil skirt, and blouse on if anyone was sitting in these spots. *  She gave me a “how dare you ask me that” look.  And responded with "someone is sitting in this spot." 
Hmm, pause. 
Well is anyone sitting in this other spot?  And one of her friends answered.  It was as if she couldn't believe that a girl with her hair in a pony tail would talk to her… b/c we were obviously in different levels.

Her other friend never showed up and she refused to move her coat from the empty seat, even though there were lots of people standing behind her. (She eventually gave it up about ten minutes into the event and after someone basically pulled her coat off to sit there) 

The event was a little over an hour and consisted of 3 individuals talking about different spies during the civil war and more specifically the role of female’s spies during the war.  It was interesting for the sole purpose of comparing and contrasting how much society has changed and evolved since then.  I suppose if I should have taken anything from this it is that being a woman during the civil war era wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but being a spy would have been awesome.  -Well at least in contrast with being a male spy, as a female you probably wouldn’t have been killed.-

They had a Q and A part afterwards.  And I always find these hilarious.  Generally half of the questions are from individuals who read a book/watched a movie about one aspect of espionage that the panel didn’t discuss and ask a questions about something crazy.  And the other half are just random questions that have nothing to do with the civil war or espionage.

* I don’t understand how girls can look pretty and put together after 8 hours of work.  I get the whole reapplying makeup, but how do you keep your hair cute.
This girl and her friend spent the whole time texting back and forth and flirting with the guys around them.  It was distracting and annoying.  But they did leave about 30 minutes early after they spent 15 minutes debating out loud it the other one wanted to leave or not.  Seriously?  Who did they even attend the event? 

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  1. some major boob going on in your new picture up top. I like it though. Although I would like it better if I were in it.