Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drink Specials

Day 11 and 12: Miller Lite Specials
editor note: in college I was too good to drink Miller Lite.  Why would I drink Miller Lite when Bud Light cost the same? but it seems that Miller Lite is the only beer here that has specials. It's weird sometimes you can find a can of PBR that cost more than a bottle of Miller. 

On Friday I decided my thing was going to be happy hours with my coworkers.
Sure, I had Friday off and it isn’t a real exciting “event” but I can count the amount of times I’ve done happy hour on one hand.  And a couple of week’s back we went out after work for a coworker’s birthday, had a good time, and decided to do it again. 
After a week of debate we decided on  Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle.  My knowledge of Dupont Circle is literally none.  I don’t live close to the area and I live right by Adams Morgan –if I was going to go to a bar by myself it would be one close to where I live, not a 15 min walk away

On Friday people started showing up around 6:30, and by that time I was already on my 2nd HH Miller Lite and already consumed half of my cheesy fries.  Yuuummm. 

All and all it was a good night.  We played pool, talked about work eye candy, drank, ate, wondered around, and eventually departed ways.  
around 9 Allison and I left and headed over to Columbia Station in Adams Morgan (and I already expressed how much I love their nightly free jazz)

There I had my first “small town DC” experience.  We ran into a guy who use to work with Allison and who I met in September.  (he has an amazing cool job and basically plays on social media sites all day.  You can see his twitter here.) 
We enjoyed a glass of wine and the amazing jazz they have. 
After about an hour we decided to head home. - I came to the conclusion that the wine made us ridiculously tired-

That night when I woke up 4am.  I decided drinking wine after a good handful of beers is not a good idea. 

Anti-Valentine’s day bar event.

In my 28things fashion I decided to hit up the Washington post events page to see what was going on Saturday.  I came across a bar event that mentioned something about a giant shredder to shred old love letters.  And I thought.  Hell Yes! This sound like an awesome event!

The bar -bottom line- was located next to a bunch of business in the Farrgut West area and was right next to a random bar that had intense lights, a line to get in, and a bunch of girls not wearing coats and pants waiting to get in.  (not to mention that the traffic in this area was crazy)  
When we arrived I didn’t see a gigantic shredder that was advertised –but I also didn’t ask- but they did have 2.50 bottles of Miller Lite and you could win a trip to Lake Tahoe.
The crowd itself was interesting and was this weird mix of old and young people.  Some people might describe it as a townie bar, but it was in the middle of a business district… so that doesn’t really make sense.
But by the end of the night I had fun.  They only charged me for 4 Miller Lites and they were sending around a sheet of paper where you could diss your ex…. This was awesome all by itself.

On our walk back home we wondered into a new bar/restaurant called “Fiesta.”  I automatically thought of college and Fiesta Mexico with their cheap margaritas.
This place was not as cool and their margaritas tasted like cheap margarita mix.
I do not think I'll be going back to "Fiesta" anytime soon. 

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