Thursday, February 3, 2011

28 things in 28 days

I decided to go with the “28 things in 28 days” for my February goal.

Do 28 different things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.
1) It has to be 28 different things. 
2) I can take a day/night off as long as I double up one day/night.  (I decided this after I had a fear that I would get sick one night and want to go to bed early)
3) They have to be “sort-of… kind-of” DC-ish.  Meaning that it has to be something that I may not have the opportunity to do on a regularly basis in Iowa. For example: going to a free Jazz show.  Sure I could do this other places, but I can name 3 different places that have free Jazz tonight here.

Day 1: Poetry Slam
I went to the SE of DC.  (I’ve only ever been there once, it was definitely outside of my comfort zone) to go to a Poetry Slam. 
I’ve been telling myself for months that I was going to go to a spoken word event and never could convince myself to actually go to one.  I was afraid that it was going to be a bunch of girls with boy band lyrics complaining about an Ex. 
The event was put on by the Fridge and was being held to decide who would represent the Beltway in the Women of the World Poetry Slam.

I convinced Ruth to go with me and we were the first individuals to arrive. (I thought the event started at 7… but nope, 8) but it was okay, bc they asked us to be judges.
Yeah, judges!
So not only was this the first spoken word event I've ever been to, but I also got to be a judge and decide which individual would go to the WOW slam event.

It was pretty awesome!  Not only b/c I got to participate in an insignificant way, but also b/c there was some really talented women performing.
I had no idea that poetry could be so intense.
And I’m definitely looking forward to the next event.  

Day 2: vegan cupcakes
Someone once told me that Sticky Fingers was the “greatest place ever
This individual was a vegan, and loved that they only made vegan food.
Of course he told me this back in September and I’ve walked by it a million times, but never actually walked into it.  Mostly b/c I like deserts that have eggs, milk, and whatever non-vegan food is normally in desserts.

But I went.

I got a choc cupcake and a choc chip cookie.
My grand total was $3.75…  -I could have bought a bag of choc chip cookies for that much-
The cookie was hard and seemed to missing an ingredient (hmmm... probably eggs and real choc chips) but I like hard cookies, so there wasn’t much complaining going on.
And the cupcake tasted like a normal cupcake… but I don’t know how I feel about spending money on fancy vegan cupcakes. –but I’ve done it once and never have to do it again-

 A plus:  the guy behind the counter was super nice and it seemed like a cool place to hang out. 
Picture via Juxtaexposed 


  1. I made vegan cupcakes once... they were very expensive to make and not as good as regular cupcakes. But they won some best cupcake award, so I thought they would be better. We ended up throwing away the majority of them.

  2. I dated a few vegans in college that were excellent cooks. I became a big fan of vegan food. Then, of course, I was diagnosed with Crohn's. Coincidence?

    Black Bean Brownies=super tasty.