Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Foreign dry humor... no thank you.

Day 18: Frontier Blues
I went to this on a Friday after work.  I really wished I would have gone with my second option I had written down, but I was tired and this event seemed easy.

Easy b/c it was a movie at the Freer-Sackler Theatre which is on the National Mall right by where I work. 
The movie was describe as...
A chicken-farm worker whose best friend is a donkey, a clothing store owner whose wares never fit anyone, a man learning English so he can marry a woman he's never even talked to, and a traditional musician who's not quite traditional enough for the photographer doing a project on him: These are just a few of the oddballs populating Babak Jalali's dry, absurdist comedy. "
it had all the potential to be a great movie...

They also added “dry humor” when they introduced it.
I thought I liked “dry humor”….. but, ohhhh was I wrong.

Apparently dry humor is not entertaining when you don’t get the culture references and you have to read subtitles. 

10 minutes into the movie I wanted to fall asleep. 

... this is definitely the worst thing I've done this month. 

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