Wednesday, January 19, 2011

February 2011

I’m currently having an internal debate on how to spend my February.
As we remember, last year I decided that February was the perfect time for me to give up drinking alcohol for a month. 
I decided not to do that this year.  It really didn’t give me enough positive results to actively decide not to do it again. 

Currently I have 3 possible things I’m going to do this February.
1) Wake up every day before 7.  Regardless of if I have to work or not.
2) Workout every day. I recently bought a gym membership and let’s say it is costing me more every month than I would ever like to admit.   In Iowa I justified the $20 a month membership by stating that I would work out 20 times a month…  that theory would not be plausible here.
3) Do something DC every day.  This one is simple; I want to do something “DC” everyday… b/c who knows how long I’ll actually be living here.  And of course this can be anything from seeing a show, going to a new coffee place, or going to one of those free museum events that I love so much. 


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Funny old man

my dad is a pretty funny man

... and some photo proof

all I wanted from Christmas was a carry on sized suitcase. 
more specifically one with 4 wheels. 
This is what he got me....
The one on the left is the first suitcase I unwrapped.
the one on the right was the "real" suitcase.
I would have pretended to like the first one, but was extremely happy with the second one. 

He got Mallari these hats.
I made Kinsey and Joe take a picture with them on.
...if you can't tell Joe is a Bear and Kinsey is  Bunny*

He bought us Santa hats.
I'm pretty sure he does this every year. 
He mentioned something like "they were only 25 cents at the dollar store"

*I really only wrote this post b/c I wanted the world to see the pic of kinsey and joe.