Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I don't take the metro

I completely forgot to mention the most important part of the night in my previous post.

On our way to the event we were taking the metro over to Chinatown.  I barely ever take the metro, if I do it is usually one straight shot and I don’t ever transfer.  And plus it cost too much

We were going to take the bus, but b/c of our inability to pay attention to the stops we missed ours and decided to take the metro.

When we arrived in Chinatown we took the escalator up to the top.  -obviously, b/c I wasn’t going to walk up the stairs and plus it was kind of a hike.-

It should also be noted that I have an inability to pick up my feet when I walk. 

As a result when we got to the top, I slide my foot off the top step and a piece of yellow metal came with it.

This metal got stuck in the escalator and it came to an abrupt stop.

Yep, I broke the escalator.

The person behind me shoots me a look like I did this just to ruin his day
I mean seriously he had to walk up maybe 5 more stairs.

I mean I did feel slightly bad b/c there was an array of people behind us.  And I imagine if anyone had a suitcase or a small child they probably would have gone home and blogged about the crappy DC metro system. – but in reality it was just a girl and her inability to pay attention to what she was doing, but then again… maybe they should regularly check the escalators to make sure everything was screwed in correctly-
Of course now I know to make sure to pick up my feet when I get off and to make sure that the yellow square pieces at the top are screwed in correctly. 
I advise you all to do the same. 
It could have been worse... I could have lost my shoe. 

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