Thursday, December 2, 2010

TV and the Holidays

I don’t own a TV
Normally I’m okay with this.

But two times out of the year it makes me sad. 
those times happen to fall around the holiday session.  
First off, I missed out on the 13 nights of Halloween.
And Now I’m going to miss out on the 25 days of Christmas.

Which means no Rudolph, Frosty, Scrooge, Grinch, etc…

Yesterday I came across "the 2010 Christmas Holiday Schedule"… which stats time and dates when you can watch varies different Holiday shows.   
Because I’m a nice person I’m forwarding this information on to all my blog followers who have a TV

For those of you who are concerned... I just bought a copy of It's a Wonderful Life.  
Now I don't have to wait until Dec. 24 to watch it.  
I can watch it whenever I want. 

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