Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been a year.

Hey mom….

I’ve really missed telling you random unimportant (sometimes important, but mostly unimportant) life events that have happened to me this past year…. Mostly those things that sometimes I feel stupid telling other people. 

So here is my sappy list of things I know you would have loved hearing about.

I graduated!  The event itself was uneventful.  I didn’t buy a cap and gown, I didn’t take fun pictures in front of the old capital, I didn’t go eat a fancy diner, and I didn't walk… I actually think I slept in until noon and spent rest of my day writing a final report that was due the week before.

I missed your amazing graduation package you would have sent me… especially the card that would have mentioned that you were proud of me and that I was your favorite child.  (Those cards were my favorite)

I moved home for a month. *cough* you can imagine how much I enjoyed that.

The post-graduation Job search

And getting annoyed with every aspect of it
Well… Mostly how I got annoyed with people.  You would have told me that everything would have worked out and not to worry about the little things.  You would have been content with me living at home for as long as I wanted.

You never would have told me to apply to McDonalds.   

My decision to move back to IC.  You wouldn’t have thought of this as a dumb decision… if anything you would have liked that I was living closer to Kinsey.

no Alcohol February

I got a job!  At a casino! You would have loved every aspect of it. 

Literally you would have loved everything from the free soda/popcorn/ice cream to the “C” musicians that would play there. 
Not to mention you would have loved all the stories about the random old people

I went to a psychic with Steph. It was depressing.  You would have wanted to know every detail.  Steph called her mom right after… I would have called you and you would have had an answer for everything.

My new obsession with Zombies. 

Boys, cheesy fries, and first date jitters…you would have thought this was cute.

My decision to live with Kinsey and Steph. 

My 3 month review at the Casino.  They told me I smiled too much.

Kinsey’s semi-boy drama… It would have made you happy knowing that I was living in IC close to her.

New prowling dresses

Sketchy IC apartment. And even sketchier roommates.

Car problems.

My decision to move to DC.

The job search (again)

The interviews.

Kaci’s bachelorette party and wedding.
But I probably would have just talked about the invites and programs I made.

Cedar Rapids

Moving to the new apt in Coralville... and how every aspect of it sucked.

A week after being in my new apartment getting the internship at USHMM.

Giving my 2 weeks’ notice literally minutes after I found out.  I probably would have called you first, but instead Ashlee from work was the first to know.  (I think dad was probably one of the last to know)

My last weeks in IC and going out with my work friends. 

The time Kinsey made me leave work early to sit in the hospital waiting room with her for 3 hours.
You would have wanted to know everything about Kinsey being in the hospital.  I’m sure you would have insisted that I spend the night with her.

My drive to DC

My search for an apt.

Everything about DC… You would have loved the museums/monuments/attractions.  More importantly I wouldn’t feel lame telling you how much I like the zoo, the dinosaur bones, or that seeing the Washington monument and capital everyday makes me happy.  

The random celebrities that come to the museums.
The countless first hand stories I have heard from survivors and liberators.

Birthday packages and the random dollar bills
Election Day packages and the random political cartoons
Harry Potter packages and the random HP articles.  You would have loved that I wore my “Harry” Shirt to the movie

Random DC events I go to by myself

PG versions of my nights out

Prime-time TV show
DC grocery stores

My new life goals and crazy things I want to accomplish.

The job search (again)

And of course all the random day-to-day activities that happened this past year that wasn’t important enough to make this list…
I should say that I’m now going to eat some chicken nuggets, have a diet pepsi, a banana split, and watch CSI. 
But in reality I’m going to get some Burger King, have a wild cherry pepsi, chocolate chip chocolate ice cream, and watch it’s a wonderful life on repeat. 

Love, Kelsey


  1. Kelsey,

    I just loved your have a interesting way about expressing yourself. You should have your own column in a newspaper. Maybe someday you will have a political column or news spot. I can not imagine a job that says that you smile too much?? That one made me pause for a while????

    Love Bridget