Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hate “To do list”

Everything about them drive me nuts.
Mostly b/c I feel stupid writing the little things down that I would normally do.

But I had a lot planned for my day off.
And if I was a “To do list” person I’m sure my list would have looked like this:

Buy new black work pants.
Sign up for a gym membership
Sign up for Netflix
Clean my room
Eat Lunch
Shower before noon
Leave my apartment before noon
Go to a coffee place and use their free internet while enjoying some sort of hot beverage
Write a blog post about the Jewish social event I was tricked into going to
Go to the Capitol Tree lighting at 5
Go to the USHMM event tonight with Judge Thomas Buergenthal at 7
Do laundry
Pluck my eyebrows
Go grocery shopping 

But what I’ve really done today
Woke up before 1
Ate some cookies
Wrote this blog post
Found a Christmas Pandora station.

I still might do some of the things on this list… the day is still young. It's is only 2. 

And I think I was just convinced to go to the event at USHMM (mostly b/c I was told there was free food) and if I go to that I’ll probably go to the tree lighting. 

So, I guess my day might be more eventful than I originally thought. 

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