Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festive DC stuff + new camera!

I bought a new cameraliterally I bought a new camera yesterday.
It isn’t anything exciting like Kassie’s new camera.  But considering the last camera I owned was free (steph, found it at a bar) and it hasn't worked in over a year.  It was very exciting for me!

My impulse buy came after I decided to walk to the National Christmas Tree and realized that my phone feels the need to die after taking one photo
As a result of me being frustrated and annoyed that I accomplished nothing on my day off I made my way up to Best Buy and splurged on a camera that was on sale -of course they all were on sale and anyone who has been to the Columbia heights Best Buy and played with their cameras knows that it is really a hit and miss, since 85% of the displays won’t turn on… but me being “camera” savvy I had no problem picking on out.-

Today I decided it was completely necessary to go see the Christmas tree after work.
I also convinced Ruth to go with me to make up for the whole her tricking me into going to the Jewish social event.
I can only imagine she enjoyed being surrounded by “Jesus” Christmas stuff and my inability to answer questions such as
why the importance of the tree
what the significance of the mistletoe?
Hmmm, idk. I blame commercial Christmas and Santa for these things. 

The Tree and White House
One of the 5 photos I made Ruth take of me. this one says "I don't need friends in my photo to be cool and the guys behind me are too insecure to take photos by themselves."
The "Iowa" Christmas Tree. 
yeah, I know I also thought it looked a little weak. 
I found it entertaining that this ornament feel off the tree. 
very Iowan.
These pictures really don't allow you to see the intense crowds that was present.  I was really shocked that so many people would show up to see a Christmas Tree.  But then again it is Saturday and Ruth pointed out that is seemed like a good place to go to on a date

Oh, we also went to get food afterwards and the shop happened to be closing and we scored 2 free muffins. It was all very magical!

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  1. And the best part of all, Kassie got a free photobook out of your camera purchase :)