Sunday, November 21, 2010

Job search

I’m on the job search again.
The one thing in the world that can suck the life out of anyone.
Not only am I not seeing jobs that I want.
The jobs I do see are not in a related field that I want. 
And trust me my I’m not even picky about the jobs I want or even a related fields
it is really just a small list of things I don’t want.
I wish someone would just tell me where these “dream jobs” are hiding. 

Oh wait I know… 
some 45 yr old man has this awesome "dream job" and is not going to give it up anytime soon. 
b/c lets face it....
It is a “dream job” who would give that up
That basically means I have 20+ years before I can even think about applying for those jobs.

It looks like I’m stuck applying for
“after school chess teacher”
Oh wait, I have no idea how to play chess

Also, I fee like I can relate to this song bunches right now. 


  1. job hunting does suck. i'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. Job hunting is never easy, and it's harder these days and most. Keep your chin up, you'll find something!