Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have mad style

I don't know if my blog followers know this about me....
but I was an adorable child.  
(I would say my prime was some time in-between my mullet, Elvis sideburns, and my bowl haircut

I mean seriously... even with that crazy hair, I was adorable. 
and plus I had mad style.  
I could totally rock those shorts and ice cream cone T-Shirt. 

I probably got my "mad style" from my mom and dad

But then again, that is probably a lie....
hmmm, I'm going to have to ask him about this someday
Way to go Nixon side.... at least I now know where I get my big hair from.
(but then again I've been told they had perms... but still. it just makes me wish I would have been a teenager in the 80's they would have been jealous of my natural curly hair)


  1. you totally have a mad style gene.

  2. I always thought I could have done well for myself in the 80s, hair-wise...