Saturday, September 18, 2010

What’s your story?

Last night I mingled it up with A.Hughes and some of her old internship friends.

And I was asked the “What’s your story?” question at least 6 times.

The first time I was asked I just gave a blank stare...

What do you mean?  What’s my story, I don’t know.  What’s your story? I don’t have a “story” I just moved here.  What exactly do you want to know; my job, where am I from, have I ever killed anyone, what was my childhood pet, etc? 

It was all very confusing.

I think I just rambled something like

….um. I’m from Iowa, I have 5 siblings, I went to the University of Iowa, graduated, and I have an internship at the US Holocaust Memorial museum….. um, my favorite animal is the giraffe, etc.

Then I asked him and he basically recited his resume, it was all very weird.

After that the only logical thing was to copy him.
which I did

I’m from Iowa, went to uiowa graduated with a degree in PolSci and minors in Mass Communication and Religious Studies, worked at Disney world for 8 months, etc

when I started to do that, people didn’t really care about that kind of story. 

Super confusing.

From now on I’m just going to stick to the Iowa and Museum thing.

They should just come up with a better question.  It was almost like they all read the same article mentioning the “what’s your story?” question and decided to use it in their everyday life.

I would say it is almost like the phrase “what’s up”… um, idk nothing?



  1. my "story" is very long and complicated. I, too, tend to go with short "stories". And the giraffe is my favorite animal too.

  2. I hate to sound like one of those know-it-all DC types, but in this city everybody has a story. It's really unusual to find someone who actually grew up here (I'm the exception), and a good way to start up a conversation is by asking how they wound up here.

    To be honest, I'm half surprised he didn't just hand you a copy of his resume hahaha. People will literally carry a copy folded up in a pocket when they go out. No joke, I've seen it. I keep one in my bag, but that's about as far as I go.

  3. Just started reading your blog. I'm from Iowa and acutally still living here and going to Univ of Iowa. I probably sound dorky lol but I thought it was pretty cool you are from here :)

  4. That just seems weird. I mean, sure, everyone has a life story, but... hmm. I don't know. Maybe we're just saner here than I thought...