Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrity sighting... well maybe... but probably not

I saw the Duggars the other day at work.

I was just chillin' outside on my break and just finished my amazing lunch meat sandwich.
When I look across the street I see a group of about 20+ people.  Which is normal-ish here in DC, but there was something a little strange about the group.
There were some adults. But the majority of the individuals just seemed young. 

After taking a closer look I thought
hmmm the older guy kind-of looks like the guy off of that TLC show

I continued to walk inside.  Then I noticed the oldest son (the one that just got married and had the most awkward wedding ever televised) 
and I thought. “OMG, maybe it is the family from TLC.  I mean there are a lot of kids and none of them really appear to be the same age

By this time I was five steps from re-entering the building and I already made eye contact with the dad… basically I missed my opportunity to take a pic.

I head in and tell a couple people I work with that I think I just saw the Duggars. 
No one really seemed to care.

They were dressed normal-ish (I’ve seen more conservative clothes on other visitors... and they weren't wearing the typical american flag t-shirts that most tourist wear) and there wasn’t extra security or a film crew around them.
They were just a normal family (times 5)

They even stood in the middle of the museum for a bit, while someone from Guest Services explained the concept behind the building.

-One girl looked like she had a bumpit in her hair.
-And another one had a really fancy mancy camera and was taking pictures.  

(I was jealous of the camera… not so much of the bumpit)

And the oldest son and his wife were holding hands and being all cute.  It made their creepy wedding seem less creepy.

From what I could notice, the mom wasn’t there.  It was just the dad, the kids, and a couple of other adults.

And then they all went up to the Permanent Exhibit.
Which I thought was super weird, mostly b/c we don’t recommend that children under the age of 12 go up.
I was automatically interested in how the dad would explain the holocaust to his his family.  
(I hope they film a segment about it)

Hmmm, that may be it.  (I know I live an exciting life)

It only seems fitting to post a pic of them on the Mike Huckabee show.... 

if anything I thought my Fox shoutout would make my brother-in-law happy. 
(check out his crazy right wing blog!)


  1. that's really cool! i've never seen any celebrities out in the wild. or maybe i'm just not paying attention...