Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old People Gone Crazy

I literally just had someone get directed to my blog by asking “is 63 to old to be wearing skinny jeans”

My reaction was “seriously

And now a little insight into my thoughts

1) Don’t you have children/grandchildren/other old folks/friends/nurse/random community members around… to tell you that this is a bad idea?

2) Wow, this 63 yr old is tech savvy… I mean sure she only stayed on my site for a total of 2 seconds. But still impressive

3) but still, if you have to google a question like this the answer is pretty obvious. 

4) and seriously.. I have written one blog post about skinny jeans why is it that half of google referrals are about skinny jeans.  

enjoy this random photo from People From Walmart....
and I did try to google "old people and skinny jeans" and "cool elderly people" and those searches resulted in non-related photos.  
(I can only secretly hope the the person who googled the "is 63 to old to wear skinny jeans" guestion was doing it to update their blog about something ridiculous.... here's to hoping!)

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