Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a rebel

I went to an independent film screening today.

And in typical Kelsey DC fashion I got lost. It was on New Hampshire Ave and I figured since I was so familiar with this Street (see previous blog post) I would be able to find it.  But as soon as I got off the metro I must have headed the wrong direction.  

But no need to worry this time I didn't hesitate and pulled out my map right away and corrected my direction.

I went in to the hotel area where they had the film screening and was all like “hey, I’m here to see the film” 
and they were all like “you will have to put your name on the waiting list
and I was like “ Grrr, okay

(It should be noted that I called the hotel the night before and asked if there was a waiting list; they informed there was not)

They tell me to come back at 6:55 and they will see about getting me in.   I leave and only wonder to a local park where I sit in the rain (this is a lie, it was more like a mist) and read a book.

I come back at 6:55 and ask if they have gotten to the waiting list and their response is “we are pretty booked up, but maybe if you stand around we will be able to get you a seat”

Since I can follow direction I stand off to the side..... but soon I realize I’m standing right by where they are showing the movie.

I quickly sneak in and steal a couch cushion.

I’m a rebel.

Well, I felt like a rebel but in reality they would have let anybody take the seats.  there was no real security or order to thing.

The movie was good; even though it was in half Spanish and Hebrew and some ladies head was blocking half of the subtitles.  But from what I could see it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately I didn’t make any sophisticated movie buff friends… the time I would have done this I was sitting in the rain reading a book.  Maybe next time

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  1. I'm enjoying the increased frequency that you are updating your blog! :)