Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day: My thought process.

I woke up WAY to early today.  Partially b/c I went to bed at  6pm yesterday.  (That’s a whole other story that involves me getting lost… if I was on top of this blogging thing you would have already heard that story).

I wake up at 6:00 am… yeah; I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30.  But whatev, it was my first day and I was nervous.
I spend the morning getting ready.  Which mostly involves me googling directions to and from the bus stop a million time.  It was a priority of mine to make it look like I knew what I was doing, even though I had no idea.

As I’m walking to the bus stop I pass a guy eating a peanut butter sandwich (I’m making assumptions here b/c that what I had for breakfast)  and I decided to walk a different way than him.  
and when I finally arrive to the bus stop he is standing there… and all I can think is “Oh crap, he knows a short cut that google maps didn’t tell me about

Then I get on the bus and I’m pretty sure my metro pass thing didn’t scan right, but the guy didn’t say anything … so I just continued to walk and take a seat.
Then I start freaking out b/c I didn’t really pay attention to the stop I was suppose to get off on and I’m sitting on the inside seat and am wondering what I'm suppose to do if I need to get off before the strange guy sitting next to me. 
(ps… the peanut butter guy took a taxi.  It was his lost, I was all about becoming his friend)

After I have my miniature freak out about the bus and A.Hughes telling me that I’ll be fine and that I’m mostly crazy… I arrive at my location just fine and walk towards the entrance of my new place of work.

I realize I’m like 25 mins early and I decide to just sit outside and wait.  And of course this whole time I’m judging every employee that walks by…. Lots of thoughts like “omg, you’re wearing sandals” and “you have white jeans on
I have no idea why I was freaking out about what I should wear.

Once I arrive inside I go through security and sit there for a few mins while I wait for someone to come and get me…. This whole time I do the whole should I sit or stand thing.  I sit after one of the guards tells me that I can have a seat.
(Tomorrow, I'll be a pro at this)

Anyway:  the main Kelsey freak out moment

I’m giving some normally paperwork to fill out.  Which I’m doing great at...
Name: no problem
Birthday: no problem
Eye color: simple
Race: I small debate between white and Caucasian.. but simple

Then they trick me

Address:  Crap, I’ve lived at this place for less than 24 hrs.  I think it 23, no, 32, no 41…. Wait, I sent Kaci a text with my address the other day.  Darnit, my stupid sent folder only holds 50 txt messages… I never send that many message.
Whatev… I’ll just guess

Citizenship: wait, do I put American or yes… I feel like American is to patriotic, like I should be wearing an American flag and come from some southern state.  I decide to put American, I’m from Iowa these people probably assume I’m a hick.

Weight: 5’5’’
Height:  170
Crap… I put those in the wrong spot…. Should I just do an arrow or cross them completely off.
I decided the crossing off which turned more into a scribble and then all I could think about was that in 3rd grade we got in trouble for scribbling out words.

SSN:  I write it down to fast and 4 numbers in I realize I didn’t follow the _ _ _-_ _ -_ _ _ _thing and have 4 numbers in the first section.
and then I have the scribble debate again.

The lady comes back in and I say “sorry I screwed up on my weight and height”
And then I think “Oh crap, I just said Screwed up… why didn’t I just say messed up.”

Hopefully she doesn’t hold it against me.
The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

But I did almost join a gym on my walk home; The only reason it didn't was because it was raining.
I’m a sucker for good marketing. 

Tomorrow I think I’m going to go to a Independent film screening…. 
I started looking at the events on the The Washington Post website and figured it wouldn't hurt me to go to a few of them. 

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  1. I like the post! It is weird they asked for your height and weight.