Sunday, August 29, 2010

yeah, I'm a DC resident

I’ve official been a DC resident for a week and it is slowly starting to feel real.
I got my first piece of mail. Thanks Kassie!
I can name the streets that are around me (well… at least the streets in front of my place, I don’t ever walk the back way).

I can also recognize if I’m walking in the wrong direction, get off on the wrong bus stop… whatev, you get the point I’m horrible with directions.  
But I can now at least almost figure out a correct direction to go without looking at a map.

Go me!

- I also changed my Blogger page and twitter page to state that my current location is DC.
- I did my first load of laundry
- Had some FrozenYo… I didn't understand it and I couldn't figure out why I was paying more to do everything myself. 

And I went to the grocery store for the first time today… which was an experience all its own.

First off. I love grocery shopping.  
(If you know me or if you ever intensely read my blogs you would know this
and I feel like grocery shopping in DC is like going grocery shopping at the random small town grocery store that you only go to if you are in desperate need of bread or something

(in my case this would be Fareway or in Iowa City it would be John’s Grocery... which really is only good for buying beer)

Side note: I have only been to one DC grocery store and am making my assumptions based on this one. 
Yeah, for stereotypes!

This grocery store is not set up in the generic way a grocery store should be set up. It seriously looked like they just put items where ever they thought it would fit without thinking about the grocery store dynamic at all… it was seriously not convenient for the customer at all.

It was annoying.

Seriously, there were dairy products by can goods ands and the cereal by the orange juice.

Super annoying.

And I felt like they were missing important items and didn’t have enough options of the items they did have.

It was not the fancy mancy grocery shopping experience I wanted… maybe I should try whole foods next time (in reality that’s a lie… I’ll stick to this Safeway b/c I’m too cheap to shop at whole foods)

also, DC now charges .05 cents for their plastic bags. Which is super awesome in theory, but sometimes you really just want a plastic bag...

and to add a random picture. 
I went to the natural history museum today...  just to see the dinosaurs.
I'm a sucker for dinosaurs

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