Friday, July 30, 2010

picture overview of my week.

needless to say these are all from my twitter account... but in case you stalk my life via my blog on a regular basis but don't have the common sense to stalk my twitter... 
here is my week in review (well... the past 2 weeks in review)


Kinsey came up for a night.... and this resulted in yet another Monday night where we went to a handle full of bars and ended with a photobooth photo.  
I seriously love this!
My personal Perry favorite.... Popusa 
Kaci's Wedding!
Cutting the cake... 
decorating the baby making van
impulse buy.... frozen Ice Pops.  
They were Awesome!
Back to Iowa City. 
Which involved cleaning and drinking. 
an amazing combination!
But then it all went downhill when I found this behind our fridge. 
Yep, that would be a dead bat. 

Hope you enjoyed the random snapshot of my life... 
hopefully this blog updating trend will continue!


  1. your life in pictures = delightful

    love it, and slightly jealous...(especially of the photobooth photo, it's excellent) !

  2. OK here is where I am weirded out. because. I totally know Kaci from ISU...I had to do a double take at that picture and then hop over to facebook to double check. TINY WORLD.

  3. awesme-ness i love tiny world stories!

  4. Well. To be FAIR. It's Iowa. It's not big. ;)

  5. Wow..nice photo out here seen some beautiful lady in the grouping photo.Popusa is also to mine favourite.