Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oh, I wish I had a Kindle

I really want a kindle.

Like I’m obsessed with the idea of having one

And all I know is that I’m anti other e-readers.
… like the nook.  I didn't like it at ALL. It felt like it was a ripe off of a better version of something.
And don’t get me started with the Sony version… I mean I wouldn’t buy an mp3 player from Barnes and Noble.
So, why would I buy an e-reader from a company like Sony?

This post was intended to be a pro/con list for buying a Kindle, but as I’m writing it…. I’m thinking “I should just buy it

I mean if I hate it I can always re-sell it on ebay. (right?)
And if I don’t ever buy it I’ll never know if I’ll like it (right?)
And it does look pretty cool.  (right?)
And if I buy one and it doesn’t look cool, I can always re-sell it (right?)
And the idea of being able to purchase a book anytime or anywhere could be awesome (right?)
But then again I could always just check the book out at the library (right?)

Whatev… I’ll give it a day and then continue to debate it.
That seems like the smart “adult” response (right?)  
I mean... doesn't it look pretty


  1. Buy it. Right now. Seriously. I have had mine since Feb and I am looooove. You won't want to re-sell it. Plus they have gone down in price... When I bought mine it was 259 and now they are 189. I don't care that much really because of how much I love it. Seriously.

  2. It is pretty but does it come with that new book smell? I would definitely miss it!

  3. I don't know, I'm not so hot on the Kindle. Maybe it's one of those things like the iPod that I didn't like at first but then caught on like crazy, and now everyone has one. But I just feel like there's something to be said for having the print version of the book. It doesn't need batteries, I don't care (too much) if it gets stolen, there's no real reason for someone to steal it in the first place, and when I'm done, I can either sell it and get almost all my money back or put it in my bookcase. Then people will see it and say "Oh, you read __________ I've always wanted to read that/how did you like it/you must be really smart/I'm generally impressed with your literary prowess/culturedness. You are obviously a better person than me and I want to be your friend." (Right?)