Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My reaction to the bars being 21.

For those of who don’t live in Iowa City, probably don’t care or know that they recently switched the bars to 21 over.

I’m a big fan of the bars being 21 over. … But honestly I really can’t tell the difference.  They still seem to be busy and if anything they seem busier this summer then they did last…. 
but maybe I was influenced by the fact I was still a college kid last summer.  (oh, the good old days)

And it should probably be noted that I only regularly liked going to bars that were 21+ before this new law and these bars probably only had 10 people in them to begin with. 

I mean I will admit that I like the freshmen throwback every once and awhile, where you go to Sport Colum or Summit for a drink and remember your younger days when you were willing to go to a bar and pay cover without getting any drinks specials in return. 
(seriously, we were idiots)

and it should also be noted that I have no idea if these bars are noticing a decline in sales… but honestly, unless you’re 19 year old or a creeper hitting on 19 year olds there is no reason to go to either one of these places. 

But anyways. The one thing I have noticed is that IC cops have absolutely nothing to do.
I have witnessed a group of cops on two different occasions walk into a bar and find their friends and then just chill for 5-10 minutes before they leave.  
I mean I’m sure once school starts up again they will have something to do, like taking away fakes and giving out tickets.

But all I know is that it's currently a great time to be a cop in IC.  21 + year olds love cops. 

In conclusion: I love the bars being 21+ almost as much as I love them being smoke free. 


  1. When I was under 21, I hated bars being 21, but have been past that limit for a few years now, I actually really like it. The problem with 18 bars is that they have to give you a wristy thingy, or mark your hand, or card you at the bar every single time. None of these are attractive options... Bracelets and marks only wind up with under 21s hitting on you just to get a free drink and then walking away, and carding at the bar takes for.e.ver.

    So yeah, I like bars that are 21+. Maybe there are fewer fish in the sea than before, but the sea is a much less annoying place than before.

  2. Our bars have always been 21+. To be perfectly honest, I think I would have been driven crazy if the bars were full of under-agers. I mean - what's the point???

  3. I hated going out before they changed it to 21+. I still go to my favorites like Blue Moose and Joe's place but now that its 21+ I love walking around and not having to get beer spilled over me every time i turn around.