Monday, July 12, 2010

Crazy Work Friend

There is a girl I work with (Natassja) who has this great desire to “skank” me out. She brings it up almost every day I work with her.
She’s crazy

I mean can you imagine me in blue eye shadow, booty shorts, and that girl hair.
She told me that I had an option between

1) a mini skirt
2) leather pants.

Leather pants, really? I don’t even know what kind of underwear you wear with leather pants.

And thank god I don’t wear the same size shoes as her…. She mentioned something about boots that go up to your thigh.
I can barely walk in flats.
This girl is crazy.

She asked if I wanted to be “skanked” out tonight and I told her it was way too late.
Her response was:
1st rule 2 skankness… BEDTIME ISN’T TIL 5am. We prowl when the lights out, sleep when the sun up!

I’m thinking I’ll stick to my floral, knee length skirts, and flats.

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