Friday, July 30, 2010

picture overview of my week.

needless to say these are all from my twitter account... but in case you stalk my life via my blog on a regular basis but don't have the common sense to stalk my twitter... 
here is my week in review (well... the past 2 weeks in review)


Kinsey came up for a night.... and this resulted in yet another Monday night where we went to a handle full of bars and ended with a photobooth photo.  
I seriously love this!
My personal Perry favorite.... Popusa 
Kaci's Wedding!
Cutting the cake... 
decorating the baby making van
impulse buy.... frozen Ice Pops.  
They were Awesome!
Back to Iowa City. 
Which involved cleaning and drinking. 
an amazing combination!
But then it all went downhill when I found this behind our fridge. 
Yep, that would be a dead bat. 

Hope you enjoyed the random snapshot of my life... 
hopefully this blog updating trend will continue!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happiness Project

When you car is at the perfect angle on a hill and you don't need step on the break at all. 
I love that feeling.  


oh, I wish I had a Kindle

I really want a kindle.

Like I’m obsessed with the idea of having one

And all I know is that I’m anti other e-readers.
… like the nook.  I didn't like it at ALL. It felt like it was a ripe off of a better version of something.
And don’t get me started with the Sony version… I mean I wouldn’t buy an mp3 player from Barnes and Noble.
So, why would I buy an e-reader from a company like Sony?

This post was intended to be a pro/con list for buying a Kindle, but as I’m writing it…. I’m thinking “I should just buy it

I mean if I hate it I can always re-sell it on ebay. (right?)
And if I don’t ever buy it I’ll never know if I’ll like it (right?)
And it does look pretty cool.  (right?)
And if I buy one and it doesn’t look cool, I can always re-sell it (right?)
And the idea of being able to purchase a book anytime or anywhere could be awesome (right?)
But then again I could always just check the book out at the library (right?)

Whatev… I’ll give it a day and then continue to debate it.
That seems like the smart “adult” response (right?)  
I mean... doesn't it look pretty

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My reaction to the bars being 21.

For those of who don’t live in Iowa City, probably don’t care or know that they recently switched the bars to 21 over.

I’m a big fan of the bars being 21 over. … But honestly I really can’t tell the difference.  They still seem to be busy and if anything they seem busier this summer then they did last…. 
but maybe I was influenced by the fact I was still a college kid last summer.  (oh, the good old days)

And it should probably be noted that I only regularly liked going to bars that were 21+ before this new law and these bars probably only had 10 people in them to begin with. 

I mean I will admit that I like the freshmen throwback every once and awhile, where you go to Sport Colum or Summit for a drink and remember your younger days when you were willing to go to a bar and pay cover without getting any drinks specials in return. 
(seriously, we were idiots)

and it should also be noted that I have no idea if these bars are noticing a decline in sales… but honestly, unless you’re 19 year old or a creeper hitting on 19 year olds there is no reason to go to either one of these places. 

But anyways. The one thing I have noticed is that IC cops have absolutely nothing to do.
I have witnessed a group of cops on two different occasions walk into a bar and find their friends and then just chill for 5-10 minutes before they leave.  
I mean I’m sure once school starts up again they will have something to do, like taking away fakes and giving out tickets.

But all I know is that it's currently a great time to be a cop in IC.  21 + year olds love cops. 

In conclusion: I love the bars being 21+ almost as much as I love them being smoke free. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Crazy Work Friend

There is a girl I work with (Natassja) who has this great desire to “skank” me out. She brings it up almost every day I work with her.
She’s crazy

I mean can you imagine me in blue eye shadow, booty shorts, and that girl hair.
She told me that I had an option between

1) a mini skirt
2) leather pants.

Leather pants, really? I don’t even know what kind of underwear you wear with leather pants.

And thank god I don’t wear the same size shoes as her…. She mentioned something about boots that go up to your thigh.
I can barely walk in flats.
This girl is crazy.

She asked if I wanted to be “skanked” out tonight and I told her it was way too late.
Her response was:
1st rule 2 skankness… BEDTIME ISN’T TIL 5am. We prowl when the lights out, sleep when the sun up!

I’m thinking I’ll stick to my floral, knee length skirts, and flats.

Friday, July 2, 2010

1 reason glasses rock!

Probably the only reason I wear glasses...

.. but really it's because I'm allergic to contacts.

(and I'm on this youtube kick.... I'm sure it will pass shortly)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Cute Graham

I generally don't like baby videos or dogs... but this was super cute.

good job Kassie!