Sunday, June 6, 2010

drinks, 21, and graphic tees

The only entertainment I have is either
a) work
b) going out with one of my two Iowa City friends (shout out to Steph and TJ).
Here is a story that involves me and steph and a random Thursday night in Iowa City.

A list of thoughts from the night.
1) they now have Karaoke at the bar steph and I regularly attend… no more glenn live, it was a very sad day.
2) the bars in Iowa City are now 21.  Which I’m really excited about. 
3) with this being said there was a weird amount of “old” people at this bar.  And not like “I’m in grad school old”, but like “I have kids who are older then you” old
4) and they were the only one who were singing.  It was all very weird. 
5) and they were surprisingly the only ones who could sing.
6) steph and I had an intense convo about how we hate that guys can just wear tshirts out.
7) then I realized I was wearing a tshirt. And tried to justify it  by saying it cost 10.60 and it was a cool graphic tee.
8) stephs response was that Hawkeye tshirts cost more than 10 dollars and that I don’t have a point.
9) boo. 
10) then we went on a mini bar crawl and realized we were lame and it was late and went home
11) go us!


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