Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Reasons to see Toy Story 3!

10. The New characters.  I absolutely love Barbie... she has a little political rant at the end which is awesome. 

9. The hidden Easter Eggs.  These are things that pixar puts in their films that reference other pixar films. 
for example: 
8. Spanish Buzz..... well, anything Buzz. 

7. that Pixar can make a theater full of people cry. 
The Last ten minutes was intense, and a great ending to the series. 

6. The Marketing and The Toys! 
I mean literally, I want a toy story action figure.  
Christmas/bday present anyone?!?!?  
I already own a bucket of green alien men and they are amazing to take photos with. (ex: here, here, here, and here)

and I also own 3 toys toy story shirts.
go me!
(...and a woody stuff animal.... hmmm, i need a life or at least a new hobby)

5. Everything looks so real.  like the new character Lotso Bear and the garbage.... literally, the garbage/trash looks so real. it is amazing!

4. they remind you at the right times that we already know these character by referencing things that happened in the first 2 movies. 
like Jessie's abandonment issues. 
and lines like
"there's a snake in my boot"

3. Day and Night... the pixar short at the begging of the film.  it ends with a great inspirational moment. 

2. Flashbacks. I love flashbacks.  

1. and steph final reaction "andy turns out to be a cute college kid"

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  1. DUDE. I love that you take the little green aliens everywhere. Can we hang out??

    Also: I hate that all Pixar movies make me cry now. I'm getting OLD. And EMOTIONAL. Sigh. I haven't seen this one yet though. But it probably will. I cried like a baby at UP.