Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I present the 100 Greatest movie insults of all time.

nothing like a youtube video to make you feel good about yourself.

I probably should have put a warning on this that it really isn't family appropriate... 
... but then again, it's pretty obvious after the first 30 seconds. 

Yeah I love  movies. 

Happiness Project

Bubble Gum Ice Cream. 

2 Reasons I’m easily entertained

at Kum and Go

Steph- “hey, Tj do you have any dry white wine”
TJ- “no, we only have wet wine”

And then at work.

Me- “I’m going to eat a cupcake. But I really wanted a cake donout”
Allison (as in work Allison, not DC Allison)- “well, there is cake in your cupcake”
Me- “totally… not the same”

Maybe I should get new friends… but then again my blog post would probably become a little boring. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The World is coming to an end.

yes, literally the world is coming to an end. 
And when I say this I mean those crazy-right-wing-overly-religious individuals are taking over the DOT and the world. 

I just can't understand why the DOT agreed to having "pro-Life" license plates.  I mean can you imagine the outrage people would have if they had "pro-choice" license plates.  
I guarantee those right-wingers would go crazy. 

seriously, the picture has an old school "80's" mom and everything.  

with this all being said I wish I could think of some clever words to put on this license plates.  you know some sort of overly pro-choice saying that would fit in to 5 characters....but I guess I'm not that creative.  

Happiness Project

having memories from my mom (in print) 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Old Polaroid Camera

Kaci got me this old camera from my grandparents house. 

Which when I saw I became OVERLY excited about. 

I mean giddy like a school child when they learn that they have pudding and chocolate milk for lunch. 

anyway here is a pic of the camera. 

I really, really, really... want to take pictures with it.
I mean REALLY.
so, I looked it up on ebay. 

and found out this:
i could sell it for 10 dollars. 
buying film for it cost.

...wait for it
...... wait....

.... $150.  

.... seriously, not even worth it. 

but someday when I grow up I can put it on the mantle on top of my fireplace. 

10 Reasons to see Toy Story 3!

10. The New characters.  I absolutely love Barbie... she has a little political rant at the end which is awesome. 

9. The hidden Easter Eggs.  These are things that pixar puts in their films that reference other pixar films. 
for example: 
8. Spanish Buzz..... well, anything Buzz. 

7. that Pixar can make a theater full of people cry. 
The Last ten minutes was intense, and a great ending to the series. 

6. The Marketing and The Toys! 
I mean literally, I want a toy story action figure.  
Christmas/bday present anyone?!?!?  
I already own a bucket of green alien men and they are amazing to take photos with. (ex: here, here, here, and here)

and I also own 3 toys toy story shirts.
go me!
(...and a woody stuff animal.... hmmm, i need a life or at least a new hobby)

5. Everything looks so real.  like the new character Lotso Bear and the garbage.... literally, the garbage/trash looks so real. it is amazing!

4. they remind you at the right times that we already know these character by referencing things that happened in the first 2 movies. 
like Jessie's abandonment issues. 
and lines like
"there's a snake in my boot"

3. Day and Night... the pixar short at the begging of the film.  it ends with a great inspirational moment. 

2. Flashbacks. I love flashbacks.  

1. and steph final reaction "andy turns out to be a cute college kid"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness Project

I'm giving into Kassie and Kaci's Happiness project trend.

the rundown... every week I will post something that makes me "Happy"

this week....

Wild Cherry Pepsi.
and the sad realization that I can tell you every place in Iowa City where you can get Wild Cherry Pepsi as a fountain soda. 


Monday, June 14, 2010

my downfall

watching the national geographic channel.
it's my downfall.
they have had two different nazi/hitler/wwii specials on in a row.

right now "Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil" has been distracting me for the past 30 mins.

i don't know how they do it,
but they make everything seem sooo interesting.

before today I no idea that there was a community in Brazil that have a very large population of twins...
... that could be connected with Hitler's idea of the master race.
it is all so crazy.

tomorrow i'm going to be tired.

but I think (or at least hope) that this will be worth it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

drinks, 21, and graphic tees

The only entertainment I have is either
a) work
b) going out with one of my two Iowa City friends (shout out to Steph and TJ).
Here is a story that involves me and steph and a random Thursday night in Iowa City.

A list of thoughts from the night.
1) they now have Karaoke at the bar steph and I regularly attend… no more glenn live, it was a very sad day.
2) the bars in Iowa City are now 21.  Which I’m really excited about. 
3) with this being said there was a weird amount of “old” people at this bar.  And not like “I’m in grad school old”, but like “I have kids who are older then you” old
4) and they were the only one who were singing.  It was all very weird. 
5) and they were surprisingly the only ones who could sing.
6) steph and I had an intense convo about how we hate that guys can just wear tshirts out.
7) then I realized I was wearing a tshirt. And tried to justify it  by saying it cost 10.60 and it was a cool graphic tee.
8) stephs response was that Hawkeye tshirts cost more than 10 dollars and that I don’t have a point.
9) boo. 
10) then we went on a mini bar crawl and realized we were lame and it was late and went home
11) go us!