Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday wishing it was Sunday.

For some ridiculous reason Steph and I decided to go out Monday.
and 2 bars in we decided to keep track of the ridiculous things we saw/commented on.

Warning: you may have to fill in the missing parts of the texts. But I promise it may be fun.. .or atleast allow you to question why the hell I wrote this post.

And the fun begins:

Bartender “do you realize the Guinness cost the same as Bud light”
Me “yes, can we get 2 Bud Lights”
Bartender “are you sure you realize that all the beer cost the same”
Me “yes can we get 2 Bud Lights”   
Steph “you don’t get a tip b/c you made fun of us ordering Bud Light”

Yacht Club Experience:
Steph “OMG, Kelsey. I can’t go in there.  They have your kind of people standing outside, I think I am freaking out.  Seriously, I think I am hyperventilating. We can’t go in there”

Wait.  Dublin has green carpet and Deadwood has Red Carpet
Steph "It’s like your kind of bar Christmas colors."
Me "And if we were lesbians that would be some kind of weird twisted bar crawl."

Texting after a few too many.
Me “Steph how do you spell Cute
Steph “I think it starts with a Q”
Me “yeah I think your right”
Steph and me “Wait… were idiots”

Steph “I went into the small stall in case there was someone Handicap or something, but there was 3 little holes in the wall and spent the whole time freaking out that someone was watching me.”

Steph “this is totally my kind of bar... I completely forgot how weird you were."

Steph “why is Brothers so busy on a Monday”
Me “b/c Planned Parenthood has a special on Tuesday where Plan B is 50 % off. “
Steph “really?
Me… no”


  1. Ah, Monday drinking. Always leads to some pretty sweet adventures.