Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lows/highs of the week

The Joys of Gmail
Low:  Realizing it’s a lot harder than you would think to write a personal email and how crappy you can feel after sending a “negative” emails.
High: Realizing that even though Allison in DC she can still brighten my day by a simple email.  She has this weird ability to make me want to cry one second and then laugh the next.  
(maybe she should become a motivational speaker… or maybe I should just hire her to remind me of how awesome I am) 

Going Out
Low: getting to the bar after 10 and realizing you can’t get cheesy fries
High: Live music and big beers

The Next morning
Low: Realizing that you drank way to much the night before
High: McDonalds

Low: Getting a stupid virus on my computer and finding out that your anti-virus software is expired.
High: Realizing that you don't really need a computer (it’s not like I have homework or anything)
Side note: but if any one knows of any inexpensive anti-virus software I would greatly appreciate it.

“Real World”
Low: Work at 7am….
High: Birthday Cake (these relate b/c even though I had to work at 7 I still got cake for Ashley’s Birthday)

Gym (minus the tanning and laundry)
Low: walking to the gym right when it starts raining out
High: the feeling of having sore muscles the next morning…. I love that feeling.

Low: Realizing that two of my friends will be gone for part of the summer (stupid Kinsey and Steph)
High: Realizing that I have other friends, who I’m going to force to hang out with me. (watch out TJ and my “new” BFF Anthony

Low: When creepy old guys hit on you
High: When nice old guys tell you that you're nice and to "keep staying cute"  (in a non-creepy way)

Low: Cold rain and birds chirping outside your window in the morning.
High: The smell of rain and freshly mowed grass

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  1. I work everyday from 8 to 6:30. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life this way. The real world sucks.