Sunday, May 23, 2010

OMG. Lost

the finale of Lost is tonight.... (unless you have been living in some third world country that doesn't have electricity... you should know this, but in case you do.  the finale, last episode EVER is on tonight).

anyway: i'm a little excited.  not the "i can't sleep" excited. but the "omg, this better be the best episode ever or i'm going to shoot someone" excited.  (it should be noted that it is 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep... but i'm 75% that this has nothing to do with Lost)

what I need to happen

1) I need more Charlie.  he is by far my favorite character and i'm still a little sad that he died at the end of season 3.

2) I need Jack not to be the chosen one.  Seriously, this is just way to predictable for Lost. (i would love for Hurley to be the new Jacob)

3) i need the "lost" numbers to appear a couple of more time.  I can't recall the last time I heard "4 8 15 16 23 42"

4) a stupid conclusion to the whole "kate, sawyer, jack love triangle."... i could really care less, Kate has always drove me a little insane. I really just want some to tell her "hey, i'm just not that into you anymore"
(in reality i think Sawyer, Jack, and Kate have all drove me insane)

5) and where the hell is Walt.... I mean I get that he is like an "old" teenager now, but he kind of just disappeared.  I mean it would be one thing if he was killed off (but I guess the producers of Lost have a no killing children policy...well unless they are unborn children, but that is a whole other plot line) but you can't just expect us not to care about his story line after his dad spent so much time "searching" for him.

and obviously I have the normal questions....

Friday, May 21, 2010

i love deadwood

Exhibit A:
Steph and I... this is from the "eventful monday i blogged about earlier. 

Exhibit B:
steph, kinsey, and heathers last weekend in Iowa City before graduating (i just decided to tag along). 
it should also be noted that this was after more then a handful of bars. 

Exhibit C: coming soon.  kinsey and I took one with Anthony... we have yet to scan it on the computer. (but expect more great photobooth shoots to come.) 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's day

In honors of mothers day (and b/c the only people who have visited my blog this week have googled “why I love my mom”)
I have decided to re-post my 30 reasons why I love my mom blog post that I wrote last year.

Here is my list of 30 reasons why I loved my mom as of April 18, 2009.  

1. She is my sisters/brother’s mom
2. She tells great stories (most of the time random, but still great)
3. Whenever you receive any kind of letter from her you can expect there to be a couple of dollars in it.
4. She will mail you a newspaper clipping just to make you smile
5. She loves my dad (she doesn't like to admit it, but I think she does)

6. Growing up she allowed me to break 3 baby beds
7. She has always allowed me to make my own decisions in life
8. She loved me even when I was a “pain in the butt"
9. She told Kinsey and I the same story after our 21st birthdays (a story that involved the first time she drank, how she was hangover for a week, and as a result never drinks)
10. She puts a lot of thought into her emails (and more recently blog posts)

11. She has a list of tv shows she watches every night (and you know not to call her during those times… even if you are a freshmen in college and a tornado is coming through iowa city)
12. She was really upset when they changed her bingo day and I love the idea of having one thing you do every week for fun
13. Every year she gets me a subscription to
newsweek and time
14. When you really care about something she will also care about it
15. She will always tell you that you look beautiful

16. She considers your really good friends part of the family and will send them monthly packages
17. When you bring her a USA Today it will make her weekend
18. She loves receiving postcards
19. She was okay with us sleeping in when we were in high school as long as we woke up before my dad got off of work
20. She taught me that you should always write thank you notes

21. She thinks I am creative
22. She will tell every single one of her daughters that they are her favorite (especially in notes when you know the other sisters will see it)
23. She makes me smile
24. She will tell those embarrassing story about your childhood to people you barely now
25. She kept a diary for everyone of her children and wrote in it every month (I have told her countless times that if I become famous she can sell it for millions)

26. She quit smoking
27. She knows her children love her
28. She would go to all of our sporting events growing up, even though none of her children are athletic
29. She thinks all of her children love gushers and will always have 5 boxes sitting at home
30. Because she is my mother and understand my randomness

Side note: and as cheesy as thing sounds.  I think you all should write a list to your mom stating why you love you b/c you never know what could happen in the coming year. (and b/c i'm sure she would really love it)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday wishing it was Sunday.

For some ridiculous reason Steph and I decided to go out Monday.
and 2 bars in we decided to keep track of the ridiculous things we saw/commented on.

Warning: you may have to fill in the missing parts of the texts. But I promise it may be fun.. .or atleast allow you to question why the hell I wrote this post.

And the fun begins:

Bartender “do you realize the Guinness cost the same as Bud light”
Me “yes, can we get 2 Bud Lights”
Bartender “are you sure you realize that all the beer cost the same”
Me “yes can we get 2 Bud Lights”   
Steph “you don’t get a tip b/c you made fun of us ordering Bud Light”

Yacht Club Experience:
Steph “OMG, Kelsey. I can’t go in there.  They have your kind of people standing outside, I think I am freaking out.  Seriously, I think I am hyperventilating. We can’t go in there”

Wait.  Dublin has green carpet and Deadwood has Red Carpet
Steph "It’s like your kind of bar Christmas colors."
Me "And if we were lesbians that would be some kind of weird twisted bar crawl."

Texting after a few too many.
Me “Steph how do you spell Cute
Steph “I think it starts with a Q”
Me “yeah I think your right”
Steph and me “Wait… were idiots”

Steph “I went into the small stall in case there was someone Handicap or something, but there was 3 little holes in the wall and spent the whole time freaking out that someone was watching me.”

Steph “this is totally my kind of bar... I completely forgot how weird you were."

Steph “why is Brothers so busy on a Monday”
Me “b/c Planned Parenthood has a special on Tuesday where Plan B is 50 % off. “
Steph “really?
Me… no”

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lows/highs of the week

The Joys of Gmail
Low:  Realizing it’s a lot harder than you would think to write a personal email and how crappy you can feel after sending a “negative” emails.
High: Realizing that even though Allison in DC she can still brighten my day by a simple email.  She has this weird ability to make me want to cry one second and then laugh the next.  
(maybe she should become a motivational speaker… or maybe I should just hire her to remind me of how awesome I am) 

Going Out
Low: getting to the bar after 10 and realizing you can’t get cheesy fries
High: Live music and big beers

The Next morning
Low: Realizing that you drank way to much the night before
High: McDonalds

Low: Getting a stupid virus on my computer and finding out that your anti-virus software is expired.
High: Realizing that you don't really need a computer (it’s not like I have homework or anything)
Side note: but if any one knows of any inexpensive anti-virus software I would greatly appreciate it.

“Real World”
Low: Work at 7am….
High: Birthday Cake (these relate b/c even though I had to work at 7 I still got cake for Ashley’s Birthday)

Gym (minus the tanning and laundry)
Low: walking to the gym right when it starts raining out
High: the feeling of having sore muscles the next morning…. I love that feeling.

Low: Realizing that two of my friends will be gone for part of the summer (stupid Kinsey and Steph)
High: Realizing that I have other friends, who I’m going to force to hang out with me. (watch out TJ and my “new” BFF Anthony

Low: When creepy old guys hit on you
High: When nice old guys tell you that you're nice and to "keep staying cute"  (in a non-creepy way)

Low: Cold rain and birds chirping outside your window in the morning.
High: The smell of rain and freshly mowed grass