Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wonderful/amazing day

Yesterday was a wonderful/amazing day. 

It ended this 4 day depressing life that I had been living through since Thursday.
For some reason on Thursday I went through an array of emotions that I have been hiding inside of me for a couple of months. 

My first mistake was going to a psychic…  in any other case I would have thought this lady was crazy and wouldn’t have believed a word she said.
I mean I still don’t believe a word she said.  But there is just something about a lady telling you negative qualities about yourself that make you feel a little depressed.
To start with she said I was judgmental (and I definitely don’t think this is a bad thing, if anything everyone is judgmental). And then she told me I was an angry person (which once again I have lots of things to be angry about.)

Anyway she brought up the whole “I should be happy b/c my mom passed away almost 5 months ago” (obviously, not in those words… but that is what I took from the convo)

She also said something about how I’m going to be an old maid, be financially okay the rest of my life, that I’m going on a trip soon, that a dream has been bugging me lately, and that I’m going to have some kind of surgery soon.  since none of this is true, obviously she is crazy.

Anyway: I was in a bad mood.

This “bad mood” wasn’t made any easier when I realized I had 7 am shifts at work.

On Monday I decided to go to Barnes and Nobles to browse through their books.  
Which I normally love doing.  
I ended up spending a good couple of hours there reading and in turn spending a small amount of time crying.
I bought some uberly depressing book about death and what not.
and it told me that it is okay to spend as much time grieving as I want.  (something I knew, but having it written out made me feel 10x better) 

Then I meet up with Steph to get diner and ran into Alex and Devin on my way to Z’mariks.
When we got to Z’mariks I realized they had 4 dollar mac and cheese Mondays, I got my punch card punched, and I got a wild cherry pepsi.
It was all amazing.

Then it got even better.
We went to DQ and got blizzards.  It was a perfect end to a bad week.
Not to mention I love catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.
…and Devin informed me that he bought two of the dragon towels from Wal-mart.  
He totally justified me wanting to buy one.

I love that small things like wild cherry pepsi and barnes and noble can change my mood/day/week.