Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, Kaci, and a Red Trunk

Sunday. I was the easter bunny.  Not the kind that puts on an oversized costume and takes pictures with little kids but the kind that hides easter eggs. 

For some reason I was in charge of hiding the eggs that had my little cousins names written on them.  Which was a job I should have not been in charge of b/c I still think all my cousins are 5, even though the majority of them are tall and in “late” elementary school or middle school. 

What I learned:
1)  I stink at hiding eggs
2) I have a horrible memory (but of course everyone knows this already)
3) I really should learn my cousins name, especially since they all know my name.

One of my aunts said “next year you will have to make a map
And I thought “next year Kinsey can hide the eggs

Kaci and Ryan got in engaged. (if you follow Kaci or Kassie’s blogs you already know this… I’m slightly late in my congrats blog post.) 
But yeah, congrats!

I got a red trunk from my grandparents house that I’m pretty excited about….. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for.  But I have one! and apparently my uncle took it to college with him (a gazillion years ago).  He made a joke about how “the trunk also comes with bad grades” (it is probably a good thing I’m done with school).
this obviously isn't the trunk I got, mine has a lot more wear and tear (but still exciting)

I also  inherited (… I suppose that is the appropriate word to use) some of my Gma old “costume” jewelry, some old glasses, and other random old “junk” that I love. 

I love old stuff.  


  1. I think the buttons you inherited should be dedicated to a whole blog post.

  2. that trunk is fairly fantastic.
    My brother made a trunk in shop class at Dowling.

    I want a trunk now...

  3. andrew... this is going to make you angry but this trunk use to belong to your dad. you should have voiced your want to him. :)

  4. that trunk is so Harry Potter
    and I'm really jealous.
    I've wanted a trunk, just like that, to put at the end of my bed to store my treasure