Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragon Towel

For some unexplained reason I’m a fan of dragons and dinosaurs.  Well, I think I’m a fan of Dinosaurs... and Dragons have to be a close cousin or something.

Anyway: They have this new movie called How to Train a Dragon.  I haven’t seen it but I love the marketing.
At walmart (I’ve already mentioned my horrible with addiction to this place) they have an intense dragon section.

Earlier this week Kinsey took this amazing pic of me trying on a dragon towel…. It was awesome.
 and I'm sure you guys are loving my face. 

The towel cost $5 dollars... totally affordable, but I couldn't justify buying it.  I would probably have to sew a real sized towel on to it to make it usable, and I don't need my roommates judging me. 

as a Side Note: my mom totally would have bought it for me. 


  1. I know of a nephew of yours like that towels with heads.

  2. let me guess... does his name start with a g?

  3. omg, i thought about buying it for G but I didn't know if he would be into a dragon towel.
    if they still have it next time i go... i may or may not get it for him

  4. :)

    Your blog is quiet... needs more posting activity.

  5. If a blanket with sleeves is called a Snuggie, what do you call a towel with a hood?