Saturday, April 3, 2010

crying old ladies

I’ve been in a weird mood lately. 

To begin with I’m going to blame two “old ladies” I saw at work.  They were typical older looking individuals and nothing would have struck me as odd about them expect the fact that they were both doing the thing where you try and hide back tears in public. 

At first I thought they must have heard that someone had died (I first make this assumption b/c I’ve been in this situation a lot this year and also their age was playing a major factor).  But I realized that they were sad b/c they were saying goodbye to each other.  They hugged and as they were walking away, in separate directions, they were both wiping their eyes and pulling out Kleenexes.

I have decided that I’m going to blame my weird mood on this.   

Mostly I've been in this situation a lot in my life…. But I realized today that I love being in this situation, mostly b/c this odd mix of emotions is caused by something amazing that happened in your life.

For example; after leaving WDW I was beyond sad and that was only b/c I had 8 months of amazing memories, the same with graduation, and the same when a friend/family member comes and visits for the weekend.

And when I tend to get into these weird moods I also tend to get overly sad (for obvious reasons).  But tonight I found myself being sad because certain aspects of my life that are surrounded by amazing memories that can never re-happen. ..  

More example:  seeing magic kingdoms fireworks for the first time, skipping class with ahughes to enjoy the amazing weather over a spring day, or even the more intense memories of my mom and the crazy random stories and things she did… like how she had 10 bingo good luck charms and how intense bingo is the first time you play. 

On a side note: Kassie and Kaci are both doing this “Letter to Mom” thing… I’m still debating if I should do it. (i'm to afraid it will make my blog too depressing) 


  1. You should do it and it won't be depressing. I have more followers than you.

  2. you should do the letter.
    you can always post them on your other blog..."my remarkable adventure"?