Friday, April 9, 2010

Conversation pieces

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I received two more awesome items from my grandparent’s house.

One is a set of old buttons that say random thing.  My two favorite would have to be the one that says “I am Special” and a Bush/Quayle campaign button.  … and now I’m thinking I should wear the two buttons together, that would definitely make for an interesting conversation piece. 
(well, I also assume you have to be “special” to actually support Bush in 92)

The second piece is a giraffe necklace.
For some reason I LOVE giraffes, even with my inability to spell “giraffe” without spell-check and my inability to realize giraffe and graffiti are not the same word.  (but this does result in every giraffe thing I own is automatically being nicknamed graffiti....) 

I suppose this love for giraffe is all a result of an apples to apples game my sophomore year, where I expressed my LOVE for movies with talking animals and mistakenly confused the words graffiti and giraffe (shh, it was late). And of course my friends still make fun of me about it and I suppose I just decided to embrace it. 

Anyway: I wore the giraffe necklace last night; here is a twitpic that @slossyjr took.
The Giraffe necklace "broke" soon after this photo.  (well i just need to super-glue it back to the chain... as a result, "interesting" stories will have to wait) 

It also went amazingly with my friend Anthony t-shirt…. It was all wildlife and what not. 
(and apparently Kinsey went twitpic crazy last night... so you all get to see another photo)

Side note: You should all also check out Anthony’s blog… it’s about “music” and what not.  (about half the time it’s “interesting”)


  1. A giraffe necklace is pretty darn special. And I also have to use the spell check for giraffe but I don't confuse it with graffiti which I also have to spell check! Haha