Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wonderful/amazing day

Yesterday was a wonderful/amazing day. 

It ended this 4 day depressing life that I had been living through since Thursday.
For some reason on Thursday I went through an array of emotions that I have been hiding inside of me for a couple of months. 

My first mistake was going to a psychic…  in any other case I would have thought this lady was crazy and wouldn’t have believed a word she said.
I mean I still don’t believe a word she said.  But there is just something about a lady telling you negative qualities about yourself that make you feel a little depressed.
To start with she said I was judgmental (and I definitely don’t think this is a bad thing, if anything everyone is judgmental). And then she told me I was an angry person (which once again I have lots of things to be angry about.)

Anyway she brought up the whole “I should be happy b/c my mom passed away almost 5 months ago” (obviously, not in those words… but that is what I took from the convo)

She also said something about how I’m going to be an old maid, be financially okay the rest of my life, that I’m going on a trip soon, that a dream has been bugging me lately, and that I’m going to have some kind of surgery soon.  since none of this is true, obviously she is crazy.

Anyway: I was in a bad mood.

This “bad mood” wasn’t made any easier when I realized I had 7 am shifts at work.

On Monday I decided to go to Barnes and Nobles to browse through their books.  
Which I normally love doing.  
I ended up spending a good couple of hours there reading and in turn spending a small amount of time crying.
I bought some uberly depressing book about death and what not.
and it told me that it is okay to spend as much time grieving as I want.  (something I knew, but having it written out made me feel 10x better) 

Then I meet up with Steph to get diner and ran into Alex and Devin on my way to Z’mariks.
When we got to Z’mariks I realized they had 4 dollar mac and cheese Mondays, I got my punch card punched, and I got a wild cherry pepsi.
It was all amazing.

Then it got even better.
We went to DQ and got blizzards.  It was a perfect end to a bad week.
Not to mention I love catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.
…and Devin informed me that he bought two of the dragon towels from Wal-mart.  
He totally justified me wanting to buy one.

I love that small things like wild cherry pepsi and barnes and noble can change my mood/day/week. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragon Towel

For some unexplained reason I’m a fan of dragons and dinosaurs.  Well, I think I’m a fan of Dinosaurs... and Dragons have to be a close cousin or something.

Anyway: They have this new movie called How to Train a Dragon.  I haven’t seen it but I love the marketing.
At walmart (I’ve already mentioned my horrible with addiction to this place) they have an intense dragon section.

Earlier this week Kinsey took this amazing pic of me trying on a dragon towel…. It was awesome.
 and I'm sure you guys are loving my face. 

The towel cost $5 dollars... totally affordable, but I couldn't justify buying it.  I would probably have to sew a real sized towel on to it to make it usable, and I don't need my roommates judging me. 

as a Side Note: my mom totally would have bought it for me. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Conversation pieces

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I received two more awesome items from my grandparent’s house.

One is a set of old buttons that say random thing.  My two favorite would have to be the one that says “I am Special” and a Bush/Quayle campaign button.  … and now I’m thinking I should wear the two buttons together, that would definitely make for an interesting conversation piece. 
(well, I also assume you have to be “special” to actually support Bush in 92)

The second piece is a giraffe necklace.
For some reason I LOVE giraffes, even with my inability to spell “giraffe” without spell-check and my inability to realize giraffe and graffiti are not the same word.  (but this does result in every giraffe thing I own is automatically being nicknamed graffiti....) 

I suppose this love for giraffe is all a result of an apples to apples game my sophomore year, where I expressed my LOVE for movies with talking animals and mistakenly confused the words graffiti and giraffe (shh, it was late). And of course my friends still make fun of me about it and I suppose I just decided to embrace it. 

Anyway: I wore the giraffe necklace last night; here is a twitpic that @slossyjr took.
The Giraffe necklace "broke" soon after this photo.  (well i just need to super-glue it back to the chain... as a result, "interesting" stories will have to wait) 

It also went amazingly with my friend Anthony t-shirt…. It was all wildlife and what not. 
(and apparently Kinsey went twitpic crazy last night... so you all get to see another photo)

Side note: You should all also check out Anthony’s blog… it’s about “music” and what not.  (about half the time it’s “interesting”)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, Kaci, and a Red Trunk

Sunday. I was the easter bunny.  Not the kind that puts on an oversized costume and takes pictures with little kids but the kind that hides easter eggs. 

For some reason I was in charge of hiding the eggs that had my little cousins names written on them.  Which was a job I should have not been in charge of b/c I still think all my cousins are 5, even though the majority of them are tall and in “late” elementary school or middle school. 

What I learned:
1)  I stink at hiding eggs
2) I have a horrible memory (but of course everyone knows this already)
3) I really should learn my cousins name, especially since they all know my name.

One of my aunts said “next year you will have to make a map
And I thought “next year Kinsey can hide the eggs

Kaci and Ryan got in engaged. (if you follow Kaci or Kassie’s blogs you already know this… I’m slightly late in my congrats blog post.) 
But yeah, congrats!

I got a red trunk from my grandparents house that I’m pretty excited about….. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for.  But I have one! and apparently my uncle took it to college with him (a gazillion years ago).  He made a joke about how “the trunk also comes with bad grades” (it is probably a good thing I’m done with school).
this obviously isn't the trunk I got, mine has a lot more wear and tear (but still exciting)

I also  inherited (… I suppose that is the appropriate word to use) some of my Gma old “costume” jewelry, some old glasses, and other random old “junk” that I love. 

I love old stuff.  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

crying old ladies

I’ve been in a weird mood lately. 

To begin with I’m going to blame two “old ladies” I saw at work.  They were typical older looking individuals and nothing would have struck me as odd about them expect the fact that they were both doing the thing where you try and hide back tears in public. 

At first I thought they must have heard that someone had died (I first make this assumption b/c I’ve been in this situation a lot this year and also their age was playing a major factor).  But I realized that they were sad b/c they were saying goodbye to each other.  They hugged and as they were walking away, in separate directions, they were both wiping their eyes and pulling out Kleenexes.

I have decided that I’m going to blame my weird mood on this.   

Mostly I've been in this situation a lot in my life…. But I realized today that I love being in this situation, mostly b/c this odd mix of emotions is caused by something amazing that happened in your life.

For example; after leaving WDW I was beyond sad and that was only b/c I had 8 months of amazing memories, the same with graduation, and the same when a friend/family member comes and visits for the weekend.

And when I tend to get into these weird moods I also tend to get overly sad (for obvious reasons).  But tonight I found myself being sad because certain aspects of my life that are surrounded by amazing memories that can never re-happen. ..  

More example:  seeing magic kingdoms fireworks for the first time, skipping class with ahughes to enjoy the amazing weather over a spring day, or even the more intense memories of my mom and the crazy random stories and things she did… like how she had 10 bingo good luck charms and how intense bingo is the first time you play. 

On a side note: Kassie and Kaci are both doing this “Letter to Mom” thing… I’m still debating if I should do it. (i'm to afraid it will make my blog too depressing)