Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zombies, Transformers, Work

Today at work I spent part of the day admitting to my co-workers that I’m crazy/weird/odd, you know “different” (you can use whatever word you would like). 

I was attempting to have an intense conversation with 2 of them (Allison and Mike) about zombies and transformers.  (Seriously, they’re like my go to topics)

You know obvious questions…

Such as “how are there other generation of transformers when there only appear to be one ‘sex’?”  
And “if they don’t form babies in the normal mammal way, are they just made and created in some kind of transformer baby making manufacturing plant?” 
or maybe just the simple question of “can Optimus Prime transformer into something small… like my cell phone?”

And then my new fascination about zombies (I blame TJ for introducing me to zombieland… and hence leaving me with a million questions)

You know the questions that mostly revolve around how you exactly kill a zombie and how they can do stuff (like bit, run, and grip things) when their brain is technically dead.   

Mike clarified that all you need to do is cut off the connection the brain has to rest of the body and then the zombie is “dead” (Well, technically they’re already dead but I guess more dead)

Anyway.  I get home. Turn on the TV. And guess what is on…. Dawn of the Dead.   I mean it isn’t the original it’s the new crappy updated version.

And they totally just clarified the whole “you just need to cut off their head thing

Now… zombies don’t really confuse me, but Transformers is still confusing as hell.  (But I was also informed that my transformer problem may be b/c I’m only basing my knowledge off of the movies)

On a completely different Side Note: My co-workers, well Allison and Mike, are a little upset that I didn’t write a first impression blog post about everybody when I first started.  Needless to say they think I should come up with nicknames for everyone and mention them later….  (But considering it’s late and I’m tired.. you will have to wait until another time) 


  1. and now you must watch "Shawn of the Dead." I feel like you will love it!

  2. haha oh how i miss your sex-logic fictional character questions !

    ...and you're not crazy/weird/odd or "different"

    you're the brains of the operation ... you need to be asking these questions :)

  3. i have been meaning to rent Shawn of the Dead... maybe i'll see if they have it at the lib.