Saturday, March 13, 2010

sorry for being unmotivated...

I’m slightly in an unmotivated mode right now.

I have yet to figure out why this is…. And as a result this will probably turn out to be a “sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog with exciting post lately” post.

Here are some theories I have come up with to why I “suck at life” right now.
- I’m no longer a college student which means I can no longer write about my exciting non-existent spring break plans.
- And this no school thing also means no blog post about midterms, class, that cute boy that use to sit in front of me in my Germany class, or the “joys” of the library
- Literally no new interesting guest at work.
- I watched the Bridge over the River Kwai yesterday, but I feel like I need to wait to write a post about that until I cross a couple of other movies off my list.
- The only TV show I watch regularly is Lost and blogs about Lost are slightly overrated. (I have realized I don't ever write post about Lost... but here is one I found about oranges)
- I haven't meet any new interesting characters out, but this could be the result of me drinking again. (i have a horrible memory)
- My biggest problem is that my life has just become to routine; i get up, read my daily dose of blogs, shower (yep, this is important enough to include), go to work, leave work, work out, sleep, and then repeat.

oh, the Family Guy episode where they go to Disney World is on... i love when mainstream tv makes fun of Disney.... this may change my whole blogging attitude.

side note: I really hate when people write post like this... but I figured everyone does it, so it's okay.

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  1. The first buncha weeks out in the real world are pretty rough. Don't worry, soon you will have real money, and then you can start getting back into all sorts of trouble like you're still in college. Except now you can afford it!