Sunday, March 7, 2010

the simple joys of life...

Mmm Arby’s
As promised, Kinsey bought me Arby’s today.
It was amazing.
And free.
The only downfall was that they didn’t have Wild Cherry Pepsi.

 Worth giving up alcohol for a month?  I think so. 

I love the Academy Awards.
They do an amazing job at convincing you to watch every movie they talk about.
They could probably convince me that “Confession of a Shopaholic” was a good movie and not a waste of 2 hours of my life.
but, the only down fall is that I'm going to have to wait another 6  months for half these movies to be released to DVD
As a side note: I wonder how much it has to suck to know that your animated film is never going to win if there is a pixar film also nominated.


  1. Last night while watching the Oscars I texted tito and told him that I need to watch more of the best picture nominations i agree about the being convinced to watch the movies they talk about.

  2. As a fellow huge fan of the Oscars, I've made it a goal of mine the past few years to see every movie thats nominated in the Best Picture and acting categories. Now, I'll say that I've gotten some help from an unnamed friend who is able to find copies of nominated films online for us to view. But in some cases I've gone to films alone to get them knocked out for Oscar night (if you were curious, The Wrestler, A Single Man, and Up in the Air were solo efforts).

    Anyways, the point being that the night is way more fun when you've seen every film/performance nominated, and filling out an Oscar ballot isn't so much blind guessing.

    Definitely see as many as you can because most of the nominated films are superb. I especially liked Up in the Air, An Education, The Last Station, and Crazy Heart as a few films that probably got passed over at your local cineplex.

    P.S. I was pulling for Fantastic Mr. Fox, even though I loved UP, I really wanted to see the stop motion film by Wes Anderson take home the prize. Check it out for sure.

  3. Also, on that AFI Top 100 list, are the films not in bold font films you have not seen? Or is there nothing to it at all?

  4. i may need to become friends with your "unnamed friend"
    the movies in bold are the movies i have seen... i'm pretty impressed with myself considering that when i started watching the AFI top 100 i had less then 20 marked off my list.

  5. Where did you get that cool gadget that has the AFI Top 100. I'd like to start working my way through that list. Kind of surprised that Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, Unforgiven, and Blade Runner are still one's you have yet to watch. Dig in!

  6. i just added a text box and copied and pasted the movies into it. i would totally recommend watching them all, if anything it sounds cool when you tell people.
    I know, I feel slightly like a fail for not having those movies watched yet.