Saturday, March 13, 2010

Math is cool

Thursday night I convinced my friends (aka Kinsey, steph, and tj… yeah I need to expand “my friends”) to go to Joe’s Place.  and trust me they didn’t want to go, but that is what happens when I’m the only person who can make a decision. 

Anyway.  There was this guy there who offered to buy us all shots.  And what I learned in my 4 years of college is that you never say no when someone offers to buy you a shot.  (this also goes with my dad’s theory that when someone offers you money, you always take it).

Side note:  this guy might have been a little drunk and unaware that shots were full price.

I was okay with him wasting his money because 
1) he looked like a bigger taller version of Mclovin and 
2) he was on a bar crawl and just decided to leave his bar crawl to go to Joe’s Place (by himself)

he buys us 5 whiskey shots (super yuck)

and then he tells us he is an engineer major and then goes on this rampage about how he hates math majors.  It was hilarious.

He was all like “they think they are so awesome and that math is so cool”
This was made more amazing when Kinsey was like “WTF.” 

Side note: Kinsey is a math major.  (and she does think math is pretty cool)

Then he says something about how the math department is run by a bunch of Asians who don’t know what they are talking about.

Then we convince him that TJ is a math grad student who TA’s calc 2.

Side note: TJ is Asian, but is definitely not into math at all.

Yep, it was awesome. 


  1. I hate engineering majors. They're math intelligence never surpasses an applied calc 2 course. A bunch of wanna-be physicists.

  2. I laugh, but I'm in Political Science and we have a blood feud going on with International Development. You know how it goes, they say we're soulless babykillers, we say they're flakey hippies who don't get anything done, angry papers are written, you know.

  3. I love messing with drunk people who have no idea what they're saying, hahaha

  4. HAHA that's awesome kelsey.
    fun nights manipulating drunk iowa kids for free drinks .... oh the glory days.

    p.s. who are all these people?? damn you and all for followers