Sunday, March 28, 2010

Curly Hair and Old Folks

At work yesterday I checked in what I would like to call a “young recently retired” individual. You know people who are still “old” but still young enough to walk at a normal speed and stay up for the majority of the day.

We had a little line and I told her that I was sorry for making her wait.

Her response was “it’s okay, us curly hair folks need to stick together

Up to this point I had no idea she had curly hair, it generally isn’t a thing I look at.
She continued to say how “curly hair is amazing b/c it never goes away and that your hair will be curly forever.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was banking on getting old and my hair magically becoming straight, but I didn’t want to ruin her mode.

We then bonded over how we are both the only individuals in our family that have curly hair

I added something like “if I didn’t look so much like my sisters, I would have thought I was adopted
And she added “my sibling use to tease me how I’m the milk mans daughter” (the milk man comment should age her… I was always told I was the mail mans daughter)

Yep, it was fun.
I’m beginning to like the “old people” the “young people” still kind of freak me out….


  1. I've found I've been relating more to old people once I started having "kids these days" moments.

  2. My mom had curly hair when she was younger, and after she got pregnant it went away so i have been convincing myself for years that this is what will happen to me, too

  3. curly hair rules. everyone else should be jealous. if only i knew how to manage mine.... ugh

    ...this lady sounds like a ball of fun and witty comments